Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sorry everybody

As I have mentioned previously I am in the middle of the busy season at work, and am generally not getting home til quite late at night (in fact I'm writing this at the office) so that's why you haven't seen any progress on a game review for this week.  Don't worry I only have one more week of this absurdity and then we will be back to a normal situation where work only sometimes gets in the way of the blog. Anyway, it's hard for me to predict right now when I will next have free time but when it happens I will be doing something about that Bears game.  Whether we only do certain quarters, or maybe do an abbreviated game review, or something, will be determined when we get there I guess.  Just didn't want you to think I had forgotten about it or lost interest - I'll be back at it soon.


  1. Love the game reviews great work! I know you put alot of time into this but is there anyway to get breakdowns with pics and diagrams.

  2. I truly wish I was smart enough to know how to do that. Unfortunately for the forseeable future SM seems destined to be a fairly low-tech operation involving only a TiVo and a free Blogspot account. I certainly recognize how it would be helpful to see what the hell I am talking about. Some people record the games and play them back. If you don't have a TiVo or DVR you might want to consider the NFL Rewind service which lets you play back any NFL game on your computer. It's really not that much money and would give you a chance to point out when you think I'm full of it. Here's a link:


  3. Hey Dave,

    I have developed a routine of re-watching the game mid-week with your quarter review beside me so I can compare your observations with my own... miss doing that.

    I understand that you have other priorities that take precedence. Whenever you're done with the busy season I'll be ready. ;)