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Redskins vs. Colts 1st quarter review


G.Gano kicks 69 yards from WAS 30 to IND 1. K.Moore to IND 19 for 18 yards (C.Wilson).

Indianapolis Colts at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:56)

1-10-IND 19 (14:56) J.Addai left tackle to IND 23 for 4 yards (L.Fletcher, L.Alexander).

The center carries Golston off the line on a stretch play.

2-6-IND 23 (14:26) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass short right to B.Eldridge to IND 28 for 5 yards (H.Blades).

Lorenzo Alexander (LOLB) is unblocked by the TE, which is of course the plan as that same TE then takes the pass in the flat.

3-1-IND 28 (13:41) (No Huddle, Shotgun) PENALTY on IND-K.DeVan, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at IND 28 - No Play.

3-6-IND 23 (13:16) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass incomplete deep middle to A.Collie (C.Rogers).

Orakpo and Alexander both standing on the offensive right. Orakpo tries an inside move on the LT but Alexander works inside on the LG so they trip each other up, but Orakpo falls forward and interferes with Manning’s ability to step into his throw, leading to an underthrow and what should have been an interception.

Indianapolis challenged the incomplete pass ruling, and the play was Upheld. (Timeout #1.)

4-6-IND 23 (13:06) P.McAfee punts 52 yards to WAS 25, Center-J.Snow. B.Banks pushed ob at WAS 41 for 16 yards (B.King).

Washington Redskins at 12:54

1-10-WAS 41 (12:54) D.McNabb pass incomplete short left to M.Sellers (D.Freeney).

The RDE (Freeney) stands up Trent Williams and pushes him into the middle of the backfield, while Jammal Brown fails to contain a spin move from Mathis (LDE) and allows pressure from McNabb’s right. McNabb is forced to try to dump it off to Sellers but it is deflected, quite dangerously.

2-10-WAS 41 (12:48) R.Torain right end pushed ob at WAS 40 for -1 yards (K.Hayden).

A DT reads the run effectively and immediately starts scraping down the line, so when Hicks goes to the second level he is faced with an impossible choice of blocking the DT or the ILB who was his original assignment. He blocks neither and Torain never has a chance to make the corner.

3-11-WAS 40 (12:25) D.McNabb pass short middle to S.Moss to IND 48 for 12 yards (D.Townsend, A.Francisco).

Freeney lines up way outside – outside of Cooley’s left shoulder – but Williams gets fans out quickly enough to carry him upfield and out of the play.

1-10-IND 48 (11:50) R.Torain left guard to IND 47 for 1 yard (A.Johnson; E.Foster).

Rabach completely fails to pick up the MLB at the second level resulting in an easy stuff of the counter.

2-9-IND 47 (11:10) R.Torain right end to IND 39 for 8 yards (K.Hayden; D.Muir).

Cooley puts a solid block on the LDE and Jammal Brown helps to drive him to the outside. One of them is meant to shed off and pick up the OLB but the get hung up, but Torain runs through the tackle for a good gain.

3-1-IND 39 (10:35) D.McNabb up the middle to IND 37 for 2 yards (P.Wheeler; A.Johnson). QB sneak

1-10-IND 37 (10:03) for 11 yards (K.Williams). D.McNabb pass short left intended for S.Moss INTERCEPTED by J.Powers at IND 32. J.Powers to IND 43.

Just a poor decision followed by a poor throw. The DB was all over Moss’ slant from the get-go and I don’t see how McNabb could possibly have completed it.

Indianapolis Colts at 9:56

1-10-IND 43 (9:56) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass deep right to P.Garcon for 57 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Hall plays outside leverage and gets badly beat on a skinny post. Color commentator Chris Collinsworth blames LaRon Landry for creeping to far up in an effort to disguise coverage, but Hall later says that he was playing without safety help and the responsibility for Garcon was his alone. But whether Landry’s pre-snap positioning was a ruse or intentional Manning saw it and knew he had an advantage, and if you leave Peyton Manning an advantage he will exploit it and kill you.

A.Vinatieri extra point is GOOD, Center-J.Snow, Holder-P.McAfee.

IND 7 WAS 0, 1 plays, 57 yards, 0:09 drive, 5:13 elapsed

P.McAfee kicks 69 yards from IND 30 to WAS 1. B.Banks to WAS 24 for 23 yards (J.Tryon).

PENALTY on WAS-H.Blades, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at WAS 24.

Washington Redskins at 9:47, (1st play from scrimmage 9:42)

1-10-WAS 14 (9:42) R.Torain left end to WAS 15 for 1 yard (F.Moala; R.Mathis).

Redskins line up with twins TEs left – Cooley on the outside and Davis on the inside. Williams releases clean to the second level, but somehow manages to avoid so much as violating the personal space of a linebacker. Meanwhile Cooley chips the RDE but quickly sheds off the block to pick up a DB who is closing fast to the corner. This leave Davis 1 on 1 on the RDE and he fails to seal him inside.

2-9-WAS 15 (8:59) D.McNabb sacked at WAS 7 for -8 yards (P.Angerer).

Nice blitz. A DT puts an inside move on Lichtensteiger. The MLB blitzes through the offensive left A gap and Torain dutifully picks him up – effectively, but pointlessly. The other LB then blitzes through the gap vacated by Lichtensteiger, and there isn’t another RB to pick him up. McNabb goes down hard.

3-17-WAS 7 (8:29) K.Williams right guard to WAS 5 for -2 yards (K.Dawson; E.Foster).

Both Lichtensteiger and Hicks fail to hold their respective DTs long enough for the draw play to make it through the hole.

4-19-WAS 5 (7:53) H.Smith punts 56 yards to IND 39, Center-N.Sundberg. K.Moore to WAS 48 for 13 yards (M.Sellers, A.Armstrong).

4.1 seconds.

Indianapolis Colts at 7:41

1-10-WAS 48 (7:41) J.Addai right end to WAS 45 for 3 yards (L.Fletcher; L.Landry).

2-7-WAS 45 (7:02) (No Huddle, Shotgun) P.Manning pass incomplete short middle to D.Clark (C.Rogers).

This is a short hook broken up by Carlos Rogers. People kept referring to this as the second dropped interception by Rogers, but Dallas Clark’s body was between him and the ball and it would have been a miracle if he picked this off.

3-7-WAS 45 (6:56) (No Huddle, Shotgun) P.Manning pass incomplete short right to J.Addai.

Doughty with good coverage on the RB’s quick out from the slot.

4-7-WAS 45 (6:52) P.McAfee punts 34 yards to WAS 11, Center-J.Snow, fair catch by B.Banks.

Washington Redskins at 6:44

1-10-WAS 11 (6:44) R.Torain left tackle to WAS 12 for 1 yard (A.Johnson; P.Angerer).

The MLB avoids Hicks’ second level block and bounces around him and then back inside to meet Torain before he can make it through the hole.

2-9-WAS 12 (6:10) D.McNabb pass short middle to C.Cooley to WAS 23 for 11 yards (C.Session).

1-10-WAS 23 (5:34) R.Torain right end to WAS 30 for 7 yards (P.Angerer).

Brown and Hicks both get carried way too far into the backfield but Torain makes it around them and cuts inside Cooley’s block of a DB to make the corner. Rabach completely whiffs on his second level block on the MLB, then Sellers misses him too, but Torain runs through the tackle foe a first down.

2-3-WAS 30 (4:55) D.McNabb pass incomplete deep middle to B.Banks.

It’s a good thing Lichtensteiger was only pretending to run block, because the DT gets under him and easily drives him four yards intot he backfied. It’s a play fake, but Banks is well covered deep.

3-3-WAS 30 (4:47) D.McNabb pass short right to A.Armstrong to WAS 37 for 7 yards (K.Hayden).

1-10-WAS 37 (4:11) D.McNabb pass short middle to A.Armstrong to WAS 48 for 11 yards (J.Powers).

Cooley runs a flat route to draw the shallow safety, thus opening up the slant to Armstrong.

1-10-WAS 48 (3:35) R.Torain right end to IND 36 for 16 yards (C.Session).

Torain once again overcomes failed blocking. The LDE fights through Hicks’ inside shoulder while the DT stunts around him and is missed by Brown. But Torain, in what is becoming his signature move, outruns penetration to make the corner then makes a hard cut upfield to get a big gain out of a play that would have been a loss by Portis or most other RBs.

1-10-IND 36 (2:53) D.McNabb pass deep middle to S.Moss to IND 18 for 18 yards (A.Francisco).

1-10-IND 18 (2:13) D.McNabb pass short left to R.Torain to IND 9 for 9 yards (F.Moala; R.Mathis)

Lichtensteiger sets up well on the WLB for the screen, but    completely fails to block the DT, who nearly makes the tackle but he only gets Torain’s legs. Torain has proven he is strong enough to escape this sort of tackle, so he twists out of it and turns upfiled, pancaking Lichtensteiger to secure a good gain.

2-1-IND 9 (1:29) R.Torain right end for 9 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Excellent seal blocks by Cooley and Armstrong on the RDE and DB to give Torain an easy path to the end zone.

G.Gano extra point is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-H.Smith.

** Stopping here for now because it is late and I am tired, but we will pick this up tomorrow night.

IND 7 WAS 7, 10 plays, 89 yards, 5:22 drive, 13:38 elapsed

G.Gano kicks 70 yards from WAS 30 to IND 0. K.Moore to IND 16 for 16 yards (A.Armstrong).

Indianapolis Colts at 1:22, (1st play from scrimmage 1:16)

1-10-IND 16 (1:16) (Shotgun) P.Manning pass short middle to A.Collie to IND 23 for 7 yards (P.Buchanon, R.Doughty).

2-3-IND 23 (:52) (No Huddle, Shotgun) P.Manning pass incomplete deep middle to A.Collie (K.Moore).

3-3-IND 23 (:46) (No Huddle, Shotgun) P.Manning pass short left to R.Wayne ran ob at IND 33 for 10 yards.

1-10-IND 33 (:40) (No Huddle, Shotgun) J.Addai left tackle to IND 41 for 8 yards (L.Alexander; K.Moore).

2-2-IND 41 (:16) (No Huddle) P.Manning pass short left to A.Collie to IND 46 for 5 yards (C.Rogers).

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