Monday, October 11, 2010

Some late Monday night Redskins reading

Hi folks.

As you no doubt noticed, I have not posted anything since the third quarter review of the Eagles game.  This is entirely due to the absurd work hours I've been pulling lately (including weekends) and I just can't always get to things as quickly as I'd like.  I have a couple more weeks of work hell, then things should get more reasonable.  Even until then I will do my best to get as much done as possible.

One thing I learned last year is that once I get behind on game reviews its best to cut losses and move on rather than get bogged down on stuff that is already dated, so I will not be doing the 4th quarter of the Eagles game and will instead move straight to the first quarter of the Packers game.  I'm getting a jump on in tonight, but will finish it up tomorrow.  Until then, here's some recommended reading in case you're one of those people who's not all that interested in Brett Favre's genitals:

- Here's the Advanced NFL Stats Win Probablility Graph for Sunday's game.

- In Football Outsiders' weekly Audibles feature, Bill Barnwell points out that the Redskins "could, honestly, be 0-5 without having played materially different."

- This is not Redskins-related, but still very good: Smart Football shows how a trips bunch alignment (which seems exceedingly popular int he NFL this year) can break down Cover-2.

- Peter King places the Redskins in his "fine fifteen" and elevates LaRon Landry to Troy Polamalu status - seriously.

- Here's a game review from Jeff, who believe it or not has been blogging Redskins games since 2000.  Did they have blogs in 2000?  I guess they did.  And you know what?  This one ain't bad.

- Hog Heaven has some inital thoughts on the big win.

- Redskins Insider (the Post) on why Devin Thomas and Mike Shanahan never quite hit it off.


  1. Thanks for the shout to my Redskins Review, Dave! I also read the Peter King piece and, while pleased to see Landry getting some props, I'm not sure I agree. LaRon is an enforcer, yes, but when he's asked to cover it's usually not pretty. His big interception on Sunday was the result of Rodgers' worst pass of the day.

    Keep writin'!

  2. do a great job. We appreciate what you do. Keep it up!

  3. Jeff-
    Rogers also was concussed a few plays before. I'll take it.