Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rich Tandler Saves the Offensive Line

Rich Tandler, on his Real Redskins blog, has unveiled his 5-point plan for the offensive line. My thoughts on some them:

- I have to say I share his skepticism on the Mike Williams experiment, but I don't see how it hurts to at least give him a chance. Why cut him now if there isn't someone else out there we really want to add?

- I agree enthusiastically with his desire to put Chris Samuels on the bench for almost the entire preseason, both to keep him safe and to determine conclusively if we have an adequate backup on the roster. The trade-off , of course, is that we might be endangering one important player (Campbell) to save another.

- Also agree about Chad Rinehart. Bugel keeps expressing concern over Randy Thomas' multiple injuries, and supposedly Rinehart has improved dramatically after almost washing out his rookie season. A few weeks ago Thomas mentioned on Redskins Nation (that god-awful Larry Michael show) that "Rinehart's on my butt." It's time for Chad to make his move.

- If you've been reading, you can probably guess how I answered the poll at the bottom of his post.

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