Sunday, August 30, 2009

The first 5 cuts

Well, my 53-man roster prediction didn't even make it through the first cuts. The first five casualties of the preseason turned out to be DT Michael Marquardt, WR Marques Hagans, S Michael Grant, OL Devin Clark, and LB Alfred Fincher. Of these, I had the last two on the team.

The demise of Devin Clark probably means that Jeremy Bridges is the Redskins top backup tackle (I'm still not expecting anything from Mike Williams).

Cutting Fincher, however, opens up an even bigger hole. In my linebacker position overview I had Fincher getting the bulk of the playing time at strong-side linebacker when Brian Orakpo was up on the line at DE. Now that spot is wide open. H.B. Blades is one option, but I haven't seen him getting a lot of work there. There's free agent Robert Thomas, who I thought had been made obsolete by the draft, but now he looks to have more of a chance. I've seen no evidence low draft picks Cody Glenn and Robert Henson will be trusted with more than special-teams work as rookies. This could mean that former DE Chris Wilson has made a convincing conversion to linebacker and could stick with the team.

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