Saturday, August 22, 2009

Redskins try to show progress against Steelers

Another glorified scrimmage against another strong opponent tonight, and this time Haynesworth and Portis will be playing, although I wouldn't expect much out of either of them.

Most of the points from my preseason viewing guide still stand, but here's a couple of notes of what I'll be keeping an eye on tonight:

- I had been planning to say that the performance of the first string offense would not be all that relevant until the third preseason game, but Zorn has other ideas. The starters are going to be left out there and will be expected to produce against one of the NFL's top defenses. If they fail to at least string together a few first downs, you can expect the DC region to go into full panic mode.

- Getting shut out last week did nothing to help clear up the kicking competition. Hopefully we will have more than one kickoff this time around to see if Rayner can provide an upgrade.

- It would be really, really helpful if Fred Davis could fumble less than twice. Zorn seems determined to run his two tight end sets, and I'm hoping David becomes serviceable so I can see what Zorn has in mind.

- If Chad Rinehart plays well again, Randy Thomas should worry.

- The tackling last week was atrocious. I'm assuming that was mainly due to rust and was nothing that couldn't be fixed by a little bit of Greg Blache's old fashioned encouragement.

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