Monday, July 13, 2009


Jon Runyan is still a free agent. Granted, he's old as dirt (his rookie year was with the Houston Oilers). Granted he's coming of microfracture knee surgery. But the fact is he is still a very powerful right tackle and he is available. Despite the nagging knee problem, he has started 290 straight games - 308 if you include playoffs. The guy is notorious around the league for being downright mean on the field - in the way you want on offensive lineman to be. One of his strengths? Getting out in front of screen passes and bowling over defenders to create big gains. Can you think of a team that has a hole at right tackle and runs screens like its their job?

As a 35 year old lineman coming off surgery, I can't imagine he's demanding a lot of money or a multi-year contract. Obviously due diligence on the knee will be important, but if this guy's functional come training camp, he simply needs to be on our roster. How nice would it be to not have to run behind Chris Samuels every damn time until he breaks down?

UPDATE: Also, I just learned he has a pet pig. Now we really have to sign the guy.

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