Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jeremy Jarmon, International Thespian

I hope you take a moment to read Tracee Hamilton's feature on Jeremy Jarmon in last Wednesday's Washington Post. The highlights:
- Before a positive test for a banned substance changed his plans, Jarmon was going to travel to France over the summer to work on his French language skills.
- He lived in the international dorm at the University of Kentucky to help develop his conversational French.
- Despite having graduated in three years with a political science degree, he was going to use his fourth year to pursue a second major: theater.
- He plans to enroll in the NFL's continuing education programs, because he realizes that at some point his football career will end.
The implications of all this for his on-field success or failure? Probably very little. But it's always nice to find evidence that many football players are not the meatheads we often presume them to be.


  1. Il pete plus haut que son cul!

  2. So I pasted that into one of those online translators and it came back as "It higher pete than his cul." So either I found the crappiest translator around or this commenter is drunk. Or both.

  3. And the second one I found gave me "It pete higher than its bottom." So maybe someone can just tell me what it meant.