Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starters have a real workday coming up

According to the Post, Zorn is expecting the starters to get some work done this Saturday:

"'I want to see how it goes. I want to see production. That's what I'm looking for,' Zorn said. I want to see the offense come together and really move the ball. It's going to be difficult.

'We're facing a really difficult defense, and yet we need to be successful. It would be either the length of time or series [for the first-team offense]. That's what it's going to be, more than a specific amount of plays.'

Even if Campbell led the offense on a long drive, 'I'd put 'em out there again,' Zorn said. 'I want that to kind of repeat itself.'"

Does Zorn know we're playing the Steelers this week? I'm not so sure this is the best time to be raising expectations for preseason perfomance.

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