Friday, August 7, 2009

Redskins add a WR

Roydell Williams broke his finger on a football last week, and we lost the one depth receiver who had any meaningful NFL experience. D.J. Hackett had attended our minicamp in April but turned down our contract offer at the time, presumably to try to find a team with a less crowded depth chart. Lucky for us he failed, as Hackett could turn out to be pretty useful. He has played in Zorn's system and Seattle, and on the rare occassions he was able to stay healthy he performed very well. That in itself makes him a favorite to win the fifth receiver spot, and as such it's pretty likely he'd end up getting significant playing time when someone gets hurt. This is one of those signings that could be utterly insignificant but just might end up keeping our passing game afloat when receivers start going down.

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