Monday, August 17, 2009

"A 5 second street fight"

Chris Cooley posted an image on his blog of an interview he gave for a recent issue of Maxim. The interview was the standard Cooley fareAlign Center that makes him so popular for this sort of thing, but I'm actually linking to it because I enjoyed the sidebar quite a bit more. It is very brief - a sidebar after all - but includes short snipets of interviews with a guard (Minnesota's Steve Hutchinson), a punter (Buffalo's Brian Moorman, and I've already shared my unhealthy interest in punting), a left tackle (Giants' Dave Diehl), and a long snapper (Denver's Lonnie Paxton).

Now for the record, I don't think left tackle is any longer a "thankless position," as Maxim describes all of these, but it was great to have two specialists on there. My favorite part, however, was Steve Hutchinson's description of life on the line of scrimmage:

"As a guard you're in a 5 second street fight 65 times a game. Every play you hit heads - 300 pounds coming one way, 300 pounds coming the other. It's a hand-to-hand war. You've got linemen clubbing your head, trying to grab your throat. The receiver scores the touchdown, but you don't get too much credit for being the guy who got poked in the eye."

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