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Redskins @ Rams 3rd quarter game review

1st quarter review
2nd quarter review


Josh.Brown kicks 73 yards from SL 30 to WAS -3. D.Thomas to WAS 27 for 30 yards (D.Vobora).
Washington Redskins at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:54)
1-10-WAS 27 (14:54) D.McNabb pass deep right to S.Moss to SL 17 for 56 yards (D.Stewart). PENALTY on SL-D.Stewart, Horse Collar Tackle, 9 yards, enforced at SL 17.

One thing that has been made clear to this point is that Donovan McNabb is very, very good at throwing the corner route.
1-8-SL 8 (14:32) M.Sellers up the middle to SL 7 for 1 yard (J.Hall).
Cooley lines up as the outermost receiver, then motions in and blocks as if to seal the WLB to the inside in order to sell the fake pitch to Torain. It’s actually a handoff to Sellers up the middle, and no one is fooled.
2-7-SL 7 (13:53) R.Torain right end to SL 2 for 5 yards (J.Laurinaitis, N.Diggs).
Rabach and Brown each get pushed into the backfield (especially Rabach), forcing Torain to reach the corner later than he would like, but solid blocks by Cooley and Sellers allow him to cut back upfield for a decent gain.

3-2-SL 2 (13:23) C.Portis left tackle to SL 3 for -1 yards (J.Laurinaitis).

Rabach is carried into the backfield yet again, but the real culprit here is Sellers who not only completely whiffs on a safety in the backfield, but he goes to the ground and trips Portis.

4-3-SL 3 (12:42) G.Gano 21 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-J.Bidwell.

WAS 16 SL 14, 5 plays, 70 yards, 1 penalty, 2:21 drive, 2:21 elapsed
G.Gano kicks 69 yards from WAS 30 to SL 1. D.Amendola to SL 19 for 18 yards (L.Alexander). PENALTY on WAS-H.Blades, Offside on Free Kick, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 30 - No Play.

G.Gano kicks 66 yards from WAS 25 to SL 9. M.Gilyard to SL 26 for 17 yards (P.Riley).

St. Louis Rams at 12:39, (1st play from scrimmage 12:28)

1-10-SL 26 (12:28) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass short right to D.Amendola to SL 34 for 8 yards (L.Fletcher).

Screen. The LG is a bit slow getting outside and Rocky has an angle, but the WR then cuts back inside just as the LG arrives to keep Rocky from following.

2-2-SL 34 (11:56) K.Toston left tackle to SL 37 for 3 yards (A.Carriker).

OK the Rams got a first down here but still an impressive play by Carriker. He is at LDE with the Rams running directly away from him, but he runs through the RT and chases down the RB from behind. And it’s a good thing he did because Golston and Maake were pushed 2 and 5 yards off the line of scrimmage respectively.

1-10-SL 37 (11:20) S.Bradford pass short middle to B.Gibson to WAS 47 for 16 yards (K.Moore). WAS-K.Golston was injured during the play.

1-10-WAS 47 (10:53) PENALTY on SL-R.Saffold, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 47 - No Play.

1-15-SL 48 (10:35) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass incomplete short right to F.Onobun.

Thrown high over the TE on a slant, though Alexander had him covered tightly and probably would have prevented the catch.

2-15-SL 48 (10:28) S.Bradford pass short left to D.Amendola to WAS 34 for 18 yards (C.Rogers).

London Fletcher looks like he thinks he’s supposed to cover the middle zone, even though Rocky is already there, and gives up a very easy slant to the slot WR.

1-10-WAS 34 (9:45) S.Bradford pass incomplete deep middle to B.Gibson (K.Moore).

Lorenzo Alexander comes off the offensive left edge and Fletcher through the left A gap, but the fullback, “leading through the hole” as part of the play action, blocks Fletcher and Alexander is taken to the ground by the RB, who goes at his legs because he is not Portis. After what is clearly a very, very slow developing route, the WR gets open on Kareem Moore, but Moore make a nice leap to recover and knock the ball away.

2-10-WAS 34 (9:42) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass incomplete short left to M.Gilyard (L.Alexander).

3-10-WAS 34 (9:38) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass short middle to D.Fells to WAS 22 for 12 yards (K.Moore).

The Redskins once more blitz both ILBs on 3rd and long – and show it clearly before the sanp -allowing an easy slant to the TE. Any 12 year old playing Madden could see this blitz coming and know how to beat it.

1-10-WAS 22 (9:01) K.Darby up the middle to WAS 19 for 3 yards (L.Fletcher, K.Golston).

Sorry if I’m starting to sound repetitive: Carriker penetrates into the backfield but Golston and Maake get blown off the line. Again. Christ…

Timeout #1 by SL at 08:11.

2-7-WAS 19 (8:11) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass incomplete short left to B.Gibson (P.Buchanon).

3-7-WAS 19 (8:08) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass short right to M.Gilyard to WAS 12 for 7 yards (D.Hall).

Two Rams WRs are stacked on the offensive right – the first runs straight downfield, this freezing LaRon in the deep zone, and Hall who has to back up to defend the corner route. This lets the second WR easily beat Rocky on an out.

1-10-WAS 12 (7:21) K.Darby up the middle for 12 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

So much blame to go around here. The Rams line up with a trips bunch wide to the left, thus pulling most of the secondary out of the middle of the field. LG and C get leverage on Haynesworth (one of two DLs in nickel) and move him to the side, while the RG and RT easily handle Vonnie Holliday. Both ILBs badly overpursue on the lines action to the offensive in left, and Fletcher in particular takes himself right out of the running lane the Rams opened up between Vonnie and Albert. Then to top it off Kareem Moore takes a bad angle and misses the open field tackle. Hard to decide who to give the primary blame on this one. Wait, not it’s not:

Josh.Brown extra point is GOOD, Center-C.Massey, Holder-D.Jones.
WAS 16 SL 21, 12 plays, 74 yards, 5:24 drive, 7:45 elapsed
Josh.Brown kicks 71 yards from SL 30 to WAS -1. D.Thomas to WAS 25 for 26 yards (K.Darby).
Washington Redskins at 7:15, (1st play from scrimmage 7:10)
1-10-WAS 25 (7:10) R.Torain left end to WAS 22 for -3 yards (G.Selvie).
Lichtensteiger pulls to the outside, and Sellers is lead blocking as well. They both whiff on the SLB, who easily splits them and stuffs Torain for a loss.
2-13-WAS 22 (6:28) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass short right to C.Portis to WAS 36 for 14 yards (M.Johnson).

Cooley converts from a receiver into a blocker very effectively to to take out a LB and let Portis turn a short flat pass into a first down.

1-10-WAS 36 (5:47) D.McNabb pass incomplete deep left to S.Moss.

2-10-WAS 36 (5:39) R.Torain right tackle to WAS 35 for -1 yards (J.Laurinaitis, J.Cudjo).

This is supposed to be a counter play, but the Rams LBs sniff it out immediately and the Mike is in the running lane waiting for Torain.

3-11-WAS 35 (4:58) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass incomplete short right to R.Williams.

Trent Williams get put back on his heels and is driven back by the RDE, while the LDE beats Brown to the outside with a speed rush. McNabb steps up at the last second to avoid the pincer movement, and then slips out of the pocket and makes a throw on the run to hit Roydell Williams near the sideline, but a DB makes a nice play to break it up.

4-11-WAS 35 (4:49) G.Gano punts 42 yards to SL 23, Center-N.Sundberg. D.Amendola to SL 23 for no gain (D.Young). PENALTY on SL-J.King, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at SL 23.

4.7 seconds. Pretty good, really. The solid hang time helps, but Chris Wilson makes a good play to ensure a neglible return.

St. Louis Rams at 4:38
1-10-SL 13 (4:38) S.Bradford pass short right to M.Clayton to SL 18 for 5 yards (D.Hall).

2-5-SL 18 (4:04) K.Toston left tackle to SL 19 for 1 yard (B.Orakpo).

Golston and Orakpo hold the edge, then Fletcher pursues to stuff the play.

3-4-SL 19 (3:20) S.Bradford pass short right to B.Gibson to SL 22 for 3 yards (D.Hall, R.McIntosh).

Good, strong tackle by Hall to prevent the WR from gaining the extra yard needed for the first down.

4-1-SL 22 (2:29) D.Jones punts 44 yards to WAS 34, Center-C.Massey. P.Buchanon MUFFS catch, ball out of bounds at WAS 37.

Washington Redskins at 2:18

1-10-WAS 37 (2:18) D.McNabb pass incomplete short left to R.Williams.

Williams gets open on a quick hook but McNabb bounces it two yards in front of him.

2-10-WAS 37 (2:16) D.McNabb pass incomplete short left to C.Cooley.

Two LBs blitz, but the pressure comes from a DT who fights past Rabach’s shoulder.

3-10-WAS 37 (2:09) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass incomplete short left to K.Williams.

The camera doesn’t show us the downfield routes, but clearly no one is open as McNabb waits while the pocket slowly shrinks, then slips outside and throws across his body to Keiland Williams who releases from a block and is open in the middle. It’s thrown behind Williams and he can’t adjust.

4-10-WAS 37 (2:00) G.Gano punts 28 yards to SL 35, Center-N.Sundberg, fair catch by D.Amendola.

4.4 seconds.

St. Louis Rams at 1:55

1-10-SL 35 (1:55) K.Toston left guard to SL 38 for 3 yards (P.Daniels).

Daniels stands up the LT then sheds him to put a hit on the RB from the side, but Maake is being controlled by a double team so a modest gain is still available.

2-7-SL 38 (1:18) S.Bradford pass short middle to B.Gibson to WAS 48 for 14 yards (L.Landry).

1-10-WAS 48 (:39) K.Darby up the middle to WAS 46 for 2 yards (A.Carriker).

Adam Carriker and Lorenzo Alexander stand up the RT and TE at the line.

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