Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Redskins @ Rams 2nd quarter game review

First quarter review is here.


3-7-SL 11 (15:00) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass incomplete short right to C.Cooley (O.Atogwe, F.Robbins). Penalty on WAS-J.Brown, Offensive Holding, declined.

Brown loses his bases and get pushed back past McNabbs’s drop point by the RDE – he has to grab him by the neck to keep McNabb standing.

4-7-SL 11 (14:54) G.Gano 29 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-J.Bidwell.

WAS 3 SL 14, 6 plays, 53 yards, 1 penalty, 1:58 drive, 0:10 elapsed

G.Gano kicks 63 yards from WAS 30 to SL 7. M.Gilyard to SL 24 for 17 yards (H.Blades, R.Doughty). FUMBLES (R.Doughty),RECOVERED by WAS-L.Alexander at SL 21. L.Alexander to SL 21 for no gain (B.Kehl).

Outstanding hit by Doughty to force the fumble.

Washington Redskins at 14:43

1-10-SL 21 (14:43) D.McNabb pass deep left to S.Moss for 21 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Rams are completely fooled by the naked bootleg, despite the fact that the Redskins run naked bootlegs like it’s their job. And McNabb has even more time due to the fact that the CB on side he’s booting towards comes on a blitz and can’t recover from the QB movement (again – how are you not expecting that?). But the playside route – Galloway on a deep out in the end zone – is well covered. Moss has gotten open on a post corner but it’s to the opposite side, so McNabb has to make the dreaded “throw across his body” to hit him in the far corner of the end zone. He has plenty of time and Moss was wide open, but this still wasn’t an easy touchdown.

G.Gano extra point is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-J.Bidwell. PENALTY on SL-F.Robbins, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced between downs.

WAS 10 SL 14, 1 plays, 21 yards, 0:06 drive, 0:23 elapsed
G.Gano kicks 68 yards from WAS 35 to SL -3. M.Gilyard to SL 23 for 26 yards (R.Doughty).

That’s more like it, Graham. Thank you.

St. Louis Rams at 14:37, (1st play from scrimmage 14:32)
1-10-SL 23 (14:32) S.Jackson right tackle to SL 26 for 3 yards (D.Hall, K.Golston).

Hall off the edge unblocked to pull down Jackson from behind.

2-7-SL 26 (13:58) S.Bradford pass incomplete short middle to D.Johnson.

Orakpo beats the LT to the outside with a speed rush and damn near swipes Bradford’s arm from behind.

3-7-SL 26 (13:50) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass short left to D.Amendola pushed ob at SL 34 for 8 yards (C.Rogers).

This should have been a holding call. Haynesworth was one of two DLs in the nickel package (Holliday was the other) and drives the LF back before pushing him flat on his back – but the LG hangs on to Haynesworth and pulls him down with him, allowing Bradford to make the throw.

1-10-SL 34 (13:20) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass incomplete short right to K.Darby.

2-10-SL 34 (13:16) S.Bradford pass incomplete short middle to S.Jackson [K.Golston].

That LG that Haynesworth just put on his back? He finds himself on the ground again, but this time thanks to Kedric Golston. Golston goes down with the LG but wraps around Bradford’s legs, causing him to short hop the ball to the RB.

3-10-SL 34 (13:12) S.Bradford sacked at SL 31 for -3 yards (B.Orakpo).

Haynesworth is the RDE in the two DL nickel package. He draws the LG and LT in a double team, allowing Orakpo to slip behind him, fly past a weak block by the RB, and make the sack.

4-13-SL 31 (12:40) D.Jones punts 52 yards to WAS 17, Center-C.Massey, fair catch by P.Buchanon.

Washington Redskins at 12:31

1-10-WAS 17 (12:31) R.Torain left end to SL 47 for 36 yards (J.Butler).

Some fine blocking here. Sellers motions out to LTE with Cooley. Cooley and Heyer double the LDE, then Cooley sheds off and nicely squares up the SLB, while Sellers drives a DB out of the play to open the alley. Torain easily gets to the open field, then is given even more yards by a very solid block by Moss way downfield.

1-10-SL 47 (11:55) R.Torain up the middle to SL 44 for 3 yards (O.Atogwe, J.Cudjo).

2-7-SL 44 (11:13) R.Torain right tackle to SL 45 for -1 yards (J.Laurinaitis).

Rabach fails to keep the DT out of the backfield, which causes Torain to have to cut inside and into the teeth of the LBs.

3-8-SL 45 (10:30) (Shotgun) D.McNabb scrambles right end ran ob at SL 19 for 26 yards. PENALTY on SL-R.Bartell, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at SL 19.

Multiple LBs blitz, but it doesn’t matter as they get picked up but Hicks just waves at the DT who blows by him, then holds him from behind (uncalled), thus allowing McNabb to step up in the pocket, and then take off once he sees miles of open field ahead of him.

1-10-SL 14 (10:07) R.Torain left end pushed ob at SL 7 for 7 yards (J.Butler).

Lichtensteiger pulls and puts a solid block on an OLB while Sellers drives a DB to give Torain the corner.

2-3-SL 7 (9:34) D.McNabb pass short right to M.Sellers to SL 8 for -1 yards (J.Butler).

This time the blitzing DB realizes that McNabb tends to bootleg all the damn time and keeps contain, so he is right in McNabb’s face and he is forced to dump off to Sellers in the flat – but a safety has tracked the route and takes out Sellers’ legs (because taking out Sellers’ legs is breathtakingly easy to do).

3-4-SL 8 (8:45) (Shotgun) PENALTY on WAS-D.McNabb, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at SL 8 - No Play.

3-9-SL 13 (8:22) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass short right to C.Cooley to SL 6 for 7 yards (O.Atogwe).

Screen. Cooley would have had a chance for the first time had Roydell Williams not completely blown his block on a DB.

4-2-SL 6 (7:42) G.Gano 24 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-J.Bidwell.

WAS 13 SL 14, 8 plays, 77 yards, 1 penalty, 4:54 drive, 7:23 elapsed

G.Gano kicks 77 yards from WAS 30 to SL -7. D.Amendola, Touchback.

St. Louis Rams at 7:37

1-10-SL 20 (7:37) (Shotgun) S.Jackson up the middle to SL 19 for -1 yards (M.Kemoeatu).

Carriker shoves a double team to the side and forces Jackson to reverse his field, so Maake is able to shed the C and take him down.

2-11-SL 19 (7:04) S.Bradford pass incomplete short left to B.Gibson. PENALTY on WAS-C.Rogers, Defensive Pass Interference, 14 yards, enforced at SL 19 - No Play.

Orakpo blows past the LT, then Steven Jackson fails to pick him up but goes all Alex Barron on him without drawing a flag.

1-10-SL 33 (6:57) S.Jackson right guard to SL 36 for 3 yards (M.Kemoeatu).

Maake is blown off the line, but Carriker stands up both the RG and RT, forcing the RB to cut back inside.

2-7-SL 36 (6:22) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass short right to D.Fells to SL 43 for 7 yards (D.Hall).

1-10-SL 43 (5:22) S.Bradford pass short right to M.Clayton to WAS 44 for 13 yards (D.Hall).

Hall was playing soft coverage allowing an easy hook – I suspect Rocky was supposed to buzz the flat if he read pass but got frozen on a minimalist play action.

1-10-WAS 44 (4:41) S.Bradford scrambles right end ran ob at WAS 42 for 2 yards (A.Carter).

Rams fail to adjust to the blitz – both the RT and TE get stuck on Carriker while Rocky comes free through the B gap.

2-8-WAS 42 (4:12) S.Jackson left guard to WAS 40 for 2 yards (L.Landry). FUMBLES (L.Landry), RECOVERED by WAS. McIntosh at WAS 40. R.McIntosh to WAS 40 for no gain (M.Karney). St. Louis challenged the fumble ruling, and the play was REVERSED. S.Jackson left guard to WAS 40 for 2 yards (L.Landry). SL-S.Jackson was injured during the play.

3-6-WAS 40 (3:49) S.Bradford pass short middle to D.Amendola to WAS 32 for 8 yards (L.Landry).

1-10-WAS 32 (3:14) S.Bradford pass short left to F.Onobun to WAS 24 for 8 yards (C.Rogers).

2-2-WAS 24 (2:37) S.Bradford pass short middle to M.Karney to WAS 21 for 3 yards (R.McIntosh, B.Orakpo).

Fletcher is occupied by the TE, but Rocky seems to drop too deep into coverage and leave the FB wide open over the middle for the first down.

Two-Minute Warning

1-10-WAS 21 (2:00) S.Bradford pass incomplete short left to B.Gibson.

Bradford gets a little too eager on the quick slant and the pass just sails.

2-10-WAS 21 (1:58) S.Bradford pass short right to K.Darby to WAS 13 for 8 yards (R.McIntosh, D.Hall).

RB takes the swing pass and puts a good move on Carter to leave him on the ground.

3-2-WAS 13 (1:12) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass short right to M.Clayton pushed ob at WAS 1 for 12 yards (D.Hall).

Orakpo continues to own the LT and Bradford continues to get the ball out just before his arm is swiped.

1-1-WAS 1 (1:05) K.Toston right guard to WAS 2 for -1 yards (C.Wilson).

All of the linemen in this goal line package are making a point to be low, except for Haynesworth who is visibly high in his stance. Haynesworth is the one DL pushed into the end zone (by a C-RG double team) while Carriker, Maake, and Daniels all penetrate into the backfield to stuff the play.

Timeout #2 by WAS at 01:01.

2-2-WAS 2 (1:01) S.Bradford pass incomplete short left to F.Onobun. PENALTY on WAS-B.Orakpo, Defensive Holding, 1 yard, enforced at WAS 2 - No Play.

Carriker bursts up the middle and Landry runs through a weak attempt at a cut block by the RB, so Bradford is backpedaling and throws it out the back of the line – but Orakpo manhandles the TE off the line and gets called for the hold.

1-1-WAS 1 (:56) K.Toston left guard to WAS 4 for -3 yards (A.Carriker, L.Alexander).

Haynesworth splits the left A gap with ease, and Daniels lowers his head and bowls over the RT who is trying to cut him. The penetration slows down the RB enough for Alexander to come in and clean up.

Timeout #3 by WAS at 00:47.

2-4-WAS 4 (:47) (Shotgun) PENALTY on SL-D.Johnson, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 4 - No Play.

2-9-WAS 9 (:47) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass short middle to D.Amendola to WAS 3 for 6 yards (R.McIntosh).

Timeout #1 by SL at 00:35.

3-3-WAS 3 (:35) (Shotgun) S.Bradford pass incomplete short left to F.Onobun.

A simply outstanding performance by the DLs and LBs on the goal line, especially since the penalty forced them to hold up through two full series of downs.

4-3-WAS 3 (:31) Josh.Brown 21 yard field goal is BLOCKED, Center-C.Massey, Holder-D.Jones. Blocked by 93-Philip Daniels

Just amazing. The LG tries to cut Daniels, but he just picks up his leg and steps between him and the long snapper, then maintains his feet well enough to leap in the air and block the kick.

Washington Redskins at 0:25

1-10-WAS 20 (:25) D.McNabb kneels to WAS 19 for -1 yards.

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