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Redskins vs. Texans 4th quarter game review

1st quarter
2nd quarter
3rd quarter

Sorry this is so late - I always make an effort to get everything done before the next game but various obligations this week made it hard.  I still owe you overtime - I will probably do that today instead of watching the 1pm game.


N.Rackers kicks 70 yards from HST 30 to end zone, Touchback.

Washington Redskins at 15:00

1-10-WAS 20 (15:00) L.Johnson left end to WAS 10 for -10 yards (G.Quin).

Ah – what turned out to be the defining play of Larry Johnson’s brief stay in Washington. Williams, Cooley, and Sellers are all leading to the outside. Williams actually overruns the play and lets the MLB slip inside of him, while a DB racing to the corner dives low to takes out Sellers’ legs. Johnson has to leap over this mess so of course he has lost all momentum and is boxed in by the Mike backer and a DB who has beaten Cooley’s block. At this point the play should have been stuffed for a loss of 2 or 3 – but Johnson gets big ideas in his head and tries to double back the other way, where he is quickly chased down.

2-20-WAS 10 (14:17) D.McNabb pass short middle to K.Williams to WAS 11 for 1 yard (E.Mitchell; Z.Diles).

Dockery gets embarrassed – he fails to even slow down the DT who is past him with a swim move. McNabb is still in his drop when the DT lunges at him. McNabb actually puts his hand down on the defender’s helmet to maintain distance and dumps the ball to Williams.

3-19-WAS 11 (13:32) D.McNabb pass incomplete short right to J.Galloway.

Thrown behind Galloway. Not sure if this was just a misfire by McNabb or if he was trying to avoid running Galloway into the safety.

4-19-WAS 11 (13:28) J.Bidwell punts 51 yards to HST 38, Center-N.Sundberg. J.Jones pushed ob at WAS 45 for 17 yards (C.Horton). PENALTY on HST-J.Nading, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at HST 44.

4.65 seconds

Houston Texans at 13:15

1-10-HST 34 (13:15) M.Schaub pass deep middle to K.Walter to WAS 31 for 35 yards (C.Rogers).

It looks like Rogers thought he had safety help over the middle – he had outside positioning on the WR and was giving him the post. But Doughty was the deep safety and he had rolled to the opposite side of the field to pick up Andre Johnson, whom DeAngelo Hall had jammed at the line but then released into a go route. Landry was in zone coverage too but lined up close to the LOS and got occupied with a crossing route by the TE. After the play the camera shows Rogers complaining to another Redskin about the miscommunication in coverage, but unfortunately we can’t see who it is.

1-10-WAS 31 (12:41) A.Foster right end to WAS 30 for 1 yard (L.Fletcher).

Carter does a good job standing up the FB at the LOS to deny the corner, but the truly impressive play is by Fletcher, who runs through the block, hold, bearhug, and attempted tackle by the LT to make the play.

2-9-WAS 30 (12:01) M.Schaub pass short left to K.Walter to WAS 26 for 4 yards (P.Buchanon).

Two linemen – Carricker head up on the C and Golston on the LTE’s outside shoulder. Both Carter and Orakpo are lined up next to each other on the opposite side. Carter is the innermost and attacks the RT’s outside shoulder, while Orakpo comes behind him and attacks inside. But from the offensive line’s perspective this is no different from a simple stunt by DLs – the RG and RT switch up their assignments without breaking a sweat.

3-5-WAS 26 (11:20) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short left to J.Jones.

4-5-WAS 26 (11:15) N.Rackers 43 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-J.Weeks, Holder-M.Turk.

HST 20 WAS 27, 5 plays, 40 yards, 2:05 drive, 3:50 elapsed

N.Rackers kicks 49 yards from HST 30 to WAS 21. M.Sellers to WAS 37 for 16 yards (D.Sharpton).

Washington Redskins at 11:10, (1st play from scrimmage 11:04)

1-10-WAS 37 (11:04) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass short left to A.Armstrong to HST 47 for 16 yards (E.Wilson).

Keiland Williams motions out wide, which exposes the Texans as being in man coverage. And McNabb sees the DB playing several yards off Armstrong, so he know he has him on an easy out route and never looks anywhere else.

1-10-HST 47 (10:23) D.McNabb pass deep middle to J.Galloway to HST 28 for 19 yards (E.Wilson).

The LDE badly beats Brown to the inside, but all it gets him is a solid blow to the chest from Portis, who is coming off his fake handoff.

1-10-HST 28 (9:39) C.Portis up the middle to HST 26 for 2 yards (S.Cody).

There was potential for a few yards here, but Davis, who was sweeping across the formation to cut off the backside, tries to cut the LDE instead of blocking him straight up. The DE leaps over him and forces Portis more up the middle than he would have wanted.

2-8-HST 26 (8:59) C.Portis left end pushed ob at HST 14 for 12 yards (B.McCain).

Not quite all of Portis’ speed is gone. The RDE blows past Trent Williams but is a half step behind Portis as he races to the corner. He is then able to turn the sweep upfield due to solid seal blocks Moss and Cooley, the Anthony Armstrong drives a DB past the first down marker.

1-10-HST 14 (8:28) C.Portis right guard to HST 9 for 5 yards (E.Mitchell).

A beautifully ugly 5 yards. Hicks and Lichtensteiger each take their DTs to the outside to open a hole. Rabach slides off his initial chip on Lichtenseiger’s DT to take out the MLB, Sellers leads through the hole and puts a hat on the other LB who is in the center of the field. Then Portis drives hard enough to pick up a couple more yards beyond initial contact.

2-5-HST 9 (7:49) C.Portis left end to HST 5 for 4 yards (B.Pollard, G.Quin).

3-1-HST 5 (7:49) PENALTY on WAS-J.Brown, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at HST 5 - No Play.

3-6-HST 10 (6:45) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass incomplete short middle to S.Moss (E.Wilson, J.Nading).

MLB DeMeco Ryans blitzes untouched up the middle, and an empty backfield set leaves no one to pick him up.

4-6-HST 10 (6:40) G.Gano 29 yard field goal is BLOCKED (B.Pollard), Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-J.Bidwell, RECOVERED by HST-S.Cody at HST 16. S.Cody to HST 16 for no gain (A.Hicks).

This has been talked about a lot so I won't add much, but instead will refer to two very informative Bog posts on the subject - the first where he shows how Davis is overmatched by two defenders on the flank, and the second where Cooley explains how a blocker is meant to overcome just that.

Houston Texans at 6:36

1-10-HST 16 (6:36) M.Schaub sacked at HST 8 for -8 yards (L.Fletcher).

Carricker attacks the RT and pushes him into the backfield, while Carter’s wide rush draws the FB. This opens a huge lane for Fletcher who starts in the middle of the field but slips unnoticed around the edge to get a clean hit on Schaub.

2-18-HST 8 (6:02) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short left to A.Foster to HST 13 for 5 yards (R.Doughty, R.McIntosh).

3-13-HST 13 (5:18) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short middle to A.Foster.

4-13-HST 13 (5:13) M.Turk punts 38 yards to WAS 49, Center-J.Weeks, out of bounds.

Washington Redskins at 5:06

1-10-WAS 49 (5:06) D.McNabb pass short right to M.Sellers to HST 46 for 5 yards (G.Quin).

2-5-HST 46 (4:22) S.Moss left end to WAS 46 for -8 yards (B.Pollard). End around

The safety reads this play from the snap. Cooley is sweeping across the back of the formation with the job of blocking this guy to give Moss the corner, but the defender has such a head start he gets into the backfield unimpeded and buries Moss just after he takes the handoff.

I disagree strongly with the play call here. At a time of the game when ball control is key I don’t see how it’s acceptable to call a play with a high risk of a serious loss of yardage. Now we’re forced to throw on 3rd and long.

3-13-WAS 46 (3:40) D.McNabb pass incomplete deep middle to J.Galloway.

Galloway has his man beat by 5 yards. If this ball is overthrown, it’s just barely – it glances off Galloway’s fingers. Would Devin Thomas have made that play? We’ll never know.

4-13-WAS 46 (3:31) J.Bidwell punts 38 yards to HST 16, Center-N.Sundberg. J.Jones pushed ob at WAS 38 for 46 yards (C.Horton). PENALTY on HST-G.Quin, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at HST 29.

3.5 seconds.

Houston Texans at 3:16

1-10-HST 19 (3:16) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep middle to A.Johnson (L.Landry, R.Doughty).

An opportunity to end the game. Schaub tries to force a ball to Johnson on a post, but Landry is on his hip and Doughty is closing from the middle. The ball hits Doughty in the hands, but Landry is lunging for it as well and collides with Doughty, knocking the ball out and hurting his own wrist.

Timeout #1 by WAS at 03:10.

2-10-HST 19 (3:10) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep middle to O.Daniels (L.Fletcher).

Fletcher is manned up on Daniels on a skinny post and has him completely blanketed, but Schaub continues to force passes to covered guys. This quarterback was giving the Redskins so many chances to ice the game…

3-10-HST 19 (3:05) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass deep middle to A.Johnson to HST 48 for 29 yards (R.Doughty).

Buchanon is initially covering Johnson, but when he breaks to the seam all the safeties and linebackers have been cleared out by complementary routes so he is wide open in the middle of the field.

Timeout #1 by HST at 02:53.

1-10-HST 48 (2:53) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short middle to J.Jones to WAS 34 for 18 yards (P.Buchanon; D.Hall).

1-10-WAS 34 (2:25) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short middle to O.Daniels (L.Fletcher).

Once again Schaub tries to force it into Daniels while Fletcher has him fully covered.

2-10-WAS 34 (2:20) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short left to A.Johnson (B.Orakpo).

Texans try to set up a screen to Johnson, but Orakpo is coming untouched so he leaps in the air and tips it. But if he hadn’t Philip Buchanon was right in Johnson’s pocket and may have had a great chance at a pick.

3-10-WAS 34 (2:17) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep left to D.Anderson (P.Buchanon).

Buchanon has great inside position on the WR and is able to knock the pass down; even if he hadn’t Landry was closing for a kill shot.

4-10-WAS 34 (2:11) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass deep left to A.Johnson for 34 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Doughty has him perfectly covered. Johnson just outleaps him, and uses his strength to box out Doughty from getting full extension in the air. It’s not a speed issue; it’s not Doughty blowing a coverage. This is the best WR in football making an exceptionally athletic play. He would have out-jumped Kareem Moore too.

N.Rackers extra point is GOOD, Center-J.Weeks, Holder-M.Turk.

HST 27 WAS 27, 8 plays, 81 yards, 1:13 drive, 12:57 elapsed

N.Rackers kicks 60 yards from HST 30 to WAS 10. D.Thomas to WAS 31 for 21 yards (D.Anderson, D.Sharpton).

Thomas gets impatient and runs past his lead blocker Westbrook.

Two-Minute Warning

Washington Redskins at 2:03, (1st play from scrimmage 1:58)

1-10-WAS 31 (1:58) D.McNabb pass short left to K.Williams pushed ob at WAS 35 for 4 yards (Z.Diles).

2-6-WAS 35 (1:32) (No Huddle) D.McNabb sacked at WAS 21 for -14 yards (M.Williams). WAS-T.Williams was injured during the play.

Mario Williams gets Trent back on his heels and overpowers him, then pushes him aside to pull down McNabb.

Timeout #2 by WAS at 01:20. Time out required due to injury (71-T.Williams)

3-20-WAS 21 (1:20) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass deep middle to S.Moss to WAS 43 for 22 yards (G.Quin). PENALTY on WAS-S.Heyer, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at WAS 21 - No Play.

Stephon Heyer, in at LT due to Trent’s injury, goes all Alex Barron on the RDE – wrapping his arm around his neck to try and save McNabb’s life.

3-30-WAS 11 (1:08) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass short left to S.Moss to WAS 19 for 8 yards (X.Adibi, D.Ryans).

Timeout #2 by HST at 01:01.

4-22-WAS 19 (1:01) J.Bidwell punts 52 yards to HST 29, Center-N.Sundberg. J.Jones pushed ob at HST 28 for -1 yard (B.Westbrook).

4.76 seconds

Houston Texans at 0:49

1-10-HST 28 (:49) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short middle to A.Johnson to HST 32 for 4 yards (D.Hall, R.McIntosh).

Orakpo beats the RT inside and gets in Schaub’s face, forcing Schaub to throw short and over the middle.

2-6-HST 32 (:23) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short right to A.Johnson (V.Holliday).

Holliday doesn’t create pressure. When he sees he’s not going to beat the RG he hangs back and leaps to knock down the throw.

3-6-HST 32 (:21) A.Foster right end to HST 36 for 4 yards (D.Hall, R.McIntosh).

Timeout #3 by WAS at 00:03.

Timeout #3 by HST at 00:03.

4-2-HST 36 (:03) (Punt formation) M.Turk left end to HST 9 for -27 yards (C.Horton).

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