Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game reviews are coming

There seem to be more people hanging around this site than last year, so I want to give the newcomers an idea of what to expect during the regular season.

From here on out the vast majority of the posts on this site will be my play by play game reviews.  Basically this involves me playing back the game on my TiVo and trying to identify what went right and what went wrong.  I don't write up quite every play, but probably at least 75% or more.  If you're the type who prefers NFL Matchup to the Fox pregame show, you might enjoy these.  Partly because it's the part of football I find most interesting, and partly because it's what the TV view shows us, much of the focus will be on the offensive line vs. the defensive front seven.

Because these take a long time to do, and I  have a day job, they will generally go up one quarter at a time.  I try to get the first quarter posted either Monday or Tuesday night, but either way the four game review posts tend to get spread out over the course of the week.  So this isn't really going to be a site for immediate reactions, but that's not really what I'm trying to do anyway.  Occasionally on a Sunday night, if the Redskins were away so I'm not recovering from the stadium experience, I may post some of my initial thoughts.  But since you really can't tell what happened on a football play by watching it once (especially at full speed), my real evaluation won't start until I spend some quality time with the TiVo throughout the week.  After completing the game review posts I will sometimes, though not always, put up one more post of wrap up thoughts to summarize what I learned.

I'm off to FedEx now, so enjoy gameday and check in tomorrow so we can start digesting what happened.

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