Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deep breaths, people


This was indisputably a lousy performance by the Redskins.  But it seems like some people need to be talked off the ledge already.  I feel I should remind everyone that almost none of us expected the Redskins to be a good team this year.  I had picked the Redskins for 7-9, and most other people seem to have had them pegged at 6-10 or 8-8.  A few went as high as 9-7 or 10-6 and were accused of irrational optimism.

Nothing that happened today should have been all that suprising:

- Trent Williams was hurt.  We all knew that Stephon Heyer is not a NFL-quality offensive tackle.  He struggled.

- We all knew that the line (even without Williams) is better than last year but still seriously flawed.  There were protection problems.

- We all knew there is a serious lack of talent at the wide receiver position.  The receivers failed to produce.

- We all had questions about whether it was wise to take a team with a great front seven for a 4-3 scheme and switch it to a 3-4.  Those players did not execute the 3-4 well today.

The Redskins lived up to expectations.  So light a scented candle, or make yourself some herbal tea, or whatever, and realize that you just saw a mediocre team play like a mediocre team.  As bad as that is, it is should not be a cause for rage.  This is what mediocre teams look like.

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