Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wrap up thoughts from the Eagles game

- I really was pleased with Fred Davis' performance. He was often Campbell's primary read, and he seemed to always be where Campbell expected him to be. This is impressive for a guy who supposedly couldn't learn the playbook last year. Now if he could just learn Cooley's no-frills but highly effective open-field running style, rather than trying to advance the ball downfield like he's on a pogo stick.

- Devin Thomas also seems to be in tune with Campbell, particularly on the occasions when Campbell was under pressure and Thomas broke off his route to provide a safety valve.

- Will Montgomery has been playing poorly, but I'm not prepared to write him off. He rarely seems to be outright overpowered; when he gets beat I think the opposing linemen are outclassing him in terms of technique. That at least leaves open the possibility (only a possibility) that with further development and refinement he can become a decent lineman. I'm not qualified to judge the intricacies of linemen's technique, so if anyone out there has some formal football background feel free to let us know your opinion on this guy.

- Stephon Heyer and Mike Williams, on the other hand, clearly lack the basic physical ability to play line at the NFL level. I don't think I will get over seeing Heyer used as a wrecking ball against our own line - Broderick Bunkley just tossed him into the middle of the line.

- Despite giving up some points, the defense played very well against the Eagles. I'm not excusing the two big plays to DeSean Jackson, but the nature of big plays is that they have a certain randomness to them, and given enough opportunities a good offense with a talent like Jackson will eventually beat you. Outside of those two big plays the Eagles were almost incapable of sustaining a drive, and the defense played ferociously throughout the game.

- The offense looked quite good on the drive that ended with Rabach's botched snap near the end zone. On various occassions the short to mid-range passing game was clicking, and as usual mistakes occurred at the worst possible times. One step forward, two backwards.

- Happy birthday, Ben.

- For reasons I can't put my finger on, I've found myself feeling optimistic that the Redskins will get it done against Atlanta. Irrationality loves company, so I was pleased to see that Sugar at Hogs Haven has gone back to the Kool-Aid for another drink.

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