Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Redskins @ Dallas, 1st quarter review

Despite the tempting suggestion from a Texas-based Redskins fan on my Sunday night post, I decided to bite the bullet and relive this game. As always, the original play by play is taken directly from the NFL Game Book with my commentary added in its own font.

And by the way, I don't know why this PBP is so much more detailed than usual - this scorer took it upon himself to describe much more about the play than I'm accustomed to seeing.

1st Quarter

S.Suisham kicks 67 yards from WAS 30 to DAL 3. F.Jones to DAL 35 for 32 yards (S.Suisham; R.Cartwright).

Dallas Cowboys at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:52)

1-10-DAL 35 (14:52) M.Barber left end to DAL 40 for 5 yards (L.Fletcher).

The LT and C double team Golston, and Carter at RDE is cut by the fullback. The pulling LG takes out Smoot. The WR, who lines up tight on the left side, holds his own surprisingly well against Orakpo and slows him down just enough for Barber to make the corner.

2-5-DAL 40 (14:18) T.Romo pass short right to J.Witten to DAL 40 for no gain (H.Blades). Pass complete off play action and roll right.

3-5-DAL 40 (13:32) (Shotgun) T.Romo pass incomplete short middle to J.Witten. Pass incomplete at the Dallas 45.

Orakpo and an unidentified DB blitz from the offensive left. The LT fans out to control Orakpo. The RB picks up the DB well, but the collision occurs close enough to Romo it makes him jumpy and the throw sails high, bouncing off Witten’s fingertips. Fletcher mistimes his leap and is already on the way back down when the ball gets to him, so he can’t bring down the interception.

4-5-DAL 40 (13:26) (Punt formation) M.McBriar punts 44 yards to WAS 16, Center-L.Ladouceur, fair catch by A.Randle El.

Washington Redskins at 13:18

1-10-WAS 16 (13:18) L.Betts left tackle to WAS 17 for 1 yard (I.Olshansky; D.Ware).

Levi Jones slips through the line to take out an ILB, leaving Dockery and Fred Davis to take on the DE and OLB (on the line as part of the 3-4 defense). But neither one can hold their man, and both defenders shed off them to fill the hole. If Betts had been able to make it through the line he may have had a good gain – Levi and Rabach each squared up a ILB effectively and Devin Thomas puts a very solid block on the safety who was right in Betts’ intended running lane.

2-9-WAS 17 (12:40) J.Campbell pass short left to S.Moss pushed ob at WAS 25 for 8 yards (M.Jenkins).

3-1-WAS 25 (12:26) L.Betts up the middle to WAS 25 for no gain (B.James; K.Brooking).

Dallas is anticipating a run up the middle and the LBs storm the interior running lanes immediately (a play action would have killed them here). Rabach and Rinehart handle the linemen in front of them to open a bit of a hole, but don’t get enough push to cut off the angles of the ILBs who stuff Betts.

4-1-WAS 25 (11:45) (Punt formation) H.Smith punts 41 yards to DAL 34, Center-E.Albright. P.Crayton to DAL 47for 13 yards (J.Tryon). Return middle of the field.

Dallas Cowboys at 11:31

1-10-DAL 47 (11:31) M.Barber left guard to WAS 44 for 9 yards (F.Smoot).

The LG and LT fight Golston and our RDE to the outside; the RG and C combine to knock Griffin to the ground and open a big lane. Rocky fills it and takes on the lead FB, but even though he knocks the FB back Barber is able to cut inside him. The C sheds off his block on Golston and lays a major hit on London, knocking him out of the running lane.

2-1-WAS 44 (10:54) F.Jones left tackle to WAS 40 for 4 yards (B.Orakpo).

Cowboys line up with twins TEs left. One TE blocks Orakpo (SLB) to the outside, the other TE stands up our RDE (Carter?) and Golston is trapped on the inside when the LG immediately crashed down on him. The LT goes straight to London and takes him out of the play, and the FB easily stuffs Rocky to keep the lane open.

1-10-WAS 40 (10:17) F.Jones right end to WAS 32 for 8 yards (C.Griffin; L.Fletcher).

2-2-WAS 32 (9:29) M.Barber right tackle to WAS 24 for 8 yards (L.Fletcher; R.Doughty).

Run is designed to go around left end but Griffin gets penetration on the C’s left shoulder and cuts off Barber’s route to the corner. But when he cuts it back to the right Jarmon and Rocky have both overpursued and get hung up on blockers, so Barber can easily cut behind them.

1-10-WAS 24 (8:48) M.Barber left tackle to WAS 16 for 8 yards (F.Smoot; L.Landry).

C and LG double team Golston to seal him to the inside; LT successfully seals Carter outside. Witten and a WR are both flexed to the left and get good blocks on Orakpo and HB Blades, while the FB clears out Fletcher again.

2-2-WAS 16 (8:07) M.Barber right tackle to WAS 12 for 4 yards (L.Fletcher). FUMBLES (L.Fletcher), touched at WAS 11, RECOVERED by WAS-D.Hall at WAS 17. D.Hall to WAS 24 for 7 yards (T.Romo). WASD.
Hall was injured during the play. His return is Questionable. Hall has a right knee contusion.

Carter, Montgomery, Golston, and Rocky all let themselves get sealed to the offensive left by the Cowboys linemen. Philip Daniels (LDE) gets stood up by a WR, believe it or not, and although he sheds the block to fill the rushing lane he gets there off balance and Barber knocks him over backwards. Fletcher leads with his elbow on the tackle and manages to punch the ball out. DeAngelo Hall picks up the ball on the run and was close to an easy touchdown, but Romo’s dive just manages to trip him up. Hall and Romo are both down after the play, Romo for taking Hall’s knee to his back and Hall apparently for taking Romo’s back to his knee.

Washington Redskins at 7:58

1-10-WAS 24 (7:58) PENALTY on WAS-S.Heyer, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 24 - No Play.

1-15-WAS 19 (7:58) L.Betts up the middle to WAS 21 for 2 yards (G.Sensabaugh; J.Ratliff).

Rabach, Rinehart, and Sellers (who motioned to RTE) block out to create a seal, but Heyer is supposed to slip past and take out the ILB, but he can’t get there in time.

2-13-WAS 21 (7:23) J.Campbell pass incomplete short right to M.Sellers. Pass incomplete off play action; Brooking closest defender.

It’s a play-action bootleg, but DeMarcus Ware comes clean off the edge and comes straight at Campbell, forcing him to throw it away. Sellers started out at RTE, and I assume he was supposed to at least chip Ware a little before going into his flat route.

3-13-WAS 21 (7:16) J.Campbell pass deep right to D.Thomas to WAS 47 for 26 yards (P.Watkins). Pass complete after avoiding rush by Ware.

Levi Jones respects Ware’s speed to the outside, so Ware is able to beat him inside with only a glancing blow. Ware has a clean shot, but Campbell escapes by spinning away and then making a cut to avoid a DE. Campbell is running forward full speed when he throws and is very close to crossing the line of scrimmage, but he shortens a stride by a matter of inches when he sees Thomas has once again gotten himself open to bail Jason out of an emergency. Very nice play by Jason to keep his awareness while running for his life.

1-10-WAS 47 (6:31) L.Betts right tackle to WAS 49 for 2 yards (B.James).

Sellers (at RTE) and Heyer fail to hold the edge, forcing Betts to cut back inside and into the teeth of the defense. Betts is planting his foot to cut as he gets wrapped up around his neck and pulled backwards, so the leg is immobilized and the ACL and MCL snap. Hello, Rock.

2-8-WAS 49 (5:48) (Shotgun) J.Campbell pass incomplete short left to S.Moss (M.Jenkins). Quick out; incomplete at the Dallas 45.

3-8-WAS 49 (5:48) (Shotgun) PENALTY on WAS-S.Heyer, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 49 - No Play.

That’s two, Stephon. I can't be too mad at him though, DeMarcus Ware really is scary.

3-13-WAS 44 (5:42) (Shotgun) J.Campbell pass short right to R.Cartwright to WAS 45 for 1 yard (A.Spencer;O.Scandrick). Screen pass.

4-12-WAS 45 (5:09) (Punt formation) H.Smith punts 43 yards to DAL 12, Center-E.Albright, fair catch by P.Crayton.

Dallas Cowboys at 5:03

1-10-DAL 12 (5:03) F.Jones up the middle to DAL 17 for 5 yards (R.McIntosh).

The C and RG put Cornelius Griffin on his back, and the draw play is run right where he used to be.

2-5-DAL 17 (4:19) T.Romo pass short right to M.Bennett to DAL 24 for 7 yards (L.Fletcher) [R.McIntosh]. Pass complete on roll right and heavy pressure.

Rocky comes in clean between LT and LG and is a half second from burying Romo when he gets the throw out.

1-10-DAL 24 (3:40) F.Jones left end to DAL 31 for 7 yards (F.Smoot; L.Landry).

2-3-DAL 31 (3:02) F.Jones right guard to DAL 33 for 2 yards (B.Orakpo).

Cowboys line up with a full house backfield, and both FBs lead to the right. Orakpo is at LDE and gets hung up on one of them, but after Jones is past him he sheds off and takes him down from behind.

3-1-DAL 33 (2:20) M.Barber up the middle to DAL 35 for 2 yards (J.Jarmon).

Instant penetration by Jarmon from RDE and he gets a hit in the backfield, but Barber is a very strong runner and manages to stay up just long enough to get the first down.

1-10-DAL 35 (1:38) T.Romo pass incomplete short left to R.Williams (A.Montgomery). Pass tipped at the line of scrimmage by Montgomery.

Montgomery gets a hand up to tip the ball, and it falls right into Rocky’s hands for what should have been a ridiculously easy interception.

2-10-DAL 35 (1:32) M.Barber left end to DAL 39 for 4 yards (L.Fletcher).

3-6-DAL 39 (:47) (Shotgun) T.Romo pass incomplete short middle to J.Witten. Pass incomplete on slant. Betts of Washington is out with a knee injury.

4-6-DAL 39 (:42) (Punt formation) M.McBriar punts 43 yards to WAS 18, Center-L.Ladouceur. S.Moss to WAS 28for 10 yards (S.Hurd).

Good return – Santana made cuts but made sure he was always headed upfield.

Washington Redskins at 0:28

1-10-WAS 28 (:28) J.Campbell sacked at WAS 22 for -6 yards (K.Brooking).
PENALTY on DAL-T.Newman, Illegal Contact, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 28 - No Play.

Rock sees the ILB blitzing up the middle but dives at his feet instead of delivering a proper block. Rock misses, and when he sees his man clobbering Campbell he pounds his fist on the ground. He knows what he did…

1-10-WAS 33 (:10) R.Cartwright right tackle to WAS 35 for 2 yards (D.Ware).

Sellers is at RTE and can’t keep Ware to the outside.

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