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Redskins vs. Broncos, 4th quarter review

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2nd quarter
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Finally done with the TiVo. I have to take a break for some real-life stuff, but check back in a fewhours as I intend to post a final evaluation of this game.

4th Quarter

Washington Redskins continued.

2-9-WAS 35 (15:00) (Shotgun) J.Campbell pass short middle to M.Kelly to DEN 47 for 18 yards (R.Hill).

1-10-DEN 47 (14:24) L.Betts left tackle to DEN 29 for 18 yards (T.Law).

Not much of a hole is opened up initially. Sellers get his guy to the outside but Dockery fails to seal the interior linemen in and is pushed back into Betts’ running lane. Chad Rinehart pulls from RG and is meant to be a lead blocker, but the DL over him keeps him engaged and he can’t make it over in time. With little help, Betts gets the credit for making it through the collapsing running lane with vision and quickness. But once he does Levi, Rabach, and Heyer have each completely neutralized a LB to open up the big gain. The last 6 or 8 yards of the run are secured by very solid downfield blocks by Kelly and Randle-El.

1-10-DEN 29 (13:41) R.Cartwright up the middle to DEN 25 for 4 yards (L.Smith, D.Williams).

2-6-DEN 25 (13:00) R.Cartwright right end to DEN 15 for 10 yards (T.Law, B.Dawkins).

The offensive line wins the battle to seal the Broncos front four to the inside. The corner is won when Sellers takes on the first play-side LB drives him way outside, and Randle-El (out of the slot) blocks the nickel back well.

1-10-DEN 15 (12:15) (Shotgun) J.Campbell scrambles left end pushed ob at DEN 13 for 2 yards (W.Woodyard).

Campbell continues to look uncomfortable in the pocket. He freezes once he hits the top of his drop, evidently looking deep. He doesn’t notice that the tackles are slowly being pushed back into him until its too late to step up in the pocket (he would have had a better escape route to the right but lets it close) and he is flushed to the left.

2-8-DEN 13 (12:08) L.Betts left end to DEN 13 for no gain (W.Woodyard).

Levi Jones is supposed to get to the second level and take out the LB who eventually tackles Betts, but he gets tied up in the traffic of Dockery and Sellers blocking DLs on either side of him and, I believe, trips over someone's feet and lets the LB escape.

3-8-DEN 13 (11:24) (Shotgun) J.Campbell pass short left to R.Cartwright to DEN 12 for 1 yard (D.Williams,

Campbell loses pocket presence again. Campell senses outside pressure that Levi and Heyer actually have under control. He doesn’t step up into the pocket so much as he lunges there in a state of panic, and despite having enough room to resume a passing stance he moves to far up and runs up on the interior linemen. At that point he has a lot of running room to his right but doesn’t see it, and instead makes a very awkward and off-balance dumpoff throw to Rock.

4-7-DEN 12 (10:43) S.Suisham 30 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-E.Albright, Holder-H.Smith.

DEN 17 WAS 17, 13 plays, 79 yards, 7:15 drive, 4:20 elapsed

S.Suisham kicks 68 yards from WAS 30 to DEN 2, out of bounds.


Denver Broncos at 10:40

1-10-DEN 40 (10:40) K.Moreno right tackle to DEN 43 for 3 yards (A.Carter). WAS-A.Haynesworth was injured during the play. His return is Questionable.

2-7-DEN 43 (10:03) K.Moreno left end to WAS 46 for 11 yards (R.Doughty).

Fletcher and Orkapo (RDE) fight for the corner but let the LT an TE take them a little too far upfield and Moreno is able to cut inside them. The LG fights off Kedric Golston to keep him from filling the hole, and the C is able to square up Rocky McIntosh to cut off his pursuit.

1-10-WAS 46 (9:21) C.Simms pass deep middle intended for B.Marshall INTERCEPTED by D.Hall at WAS -3.
D.Hall to WAS 27 for 30 yards. Lateral to L.Landry to WAS 40 for 13 yards (D.Graham).

A convincing play action fools the front seven and basically neutralizes any pass rush. Simms has plenty of time but simply makes a short and inaccurate throw. It is to Hall’s credit that he had the presence to make the pick, but it was a gift opportunity from a QB who was playing terribly. The lateral is pointless, and Landry almost drops it and gives the ball right back.

Washington Redskins at 8:57

1-10-WAS 40 (8:57) J.Campbell sacked at WAS 38 for -2 yards (E.Dumervil).

The initial blitz is defeated. Sellers is in the FB position and picks up the blitzing nickel back, and Betts puts a solid chip on an incoming LB that allows the linemen time to take care of him. A decent pocket is formed, but Campbell once again seems to assume he’s under pressure and steps so that he puts himself into the middle of all the traffic. Dumervil had initially been fought off by Levi but manages to shed off him to the inside once Campbell puts himself in his sights.

2-12-WAS 38 (8:30) L.Betts left tackle to WAS 49 for 11 yards (D.Williams).

The playside ILB misreads Betts’s initial step and makes a move to the outside, allowing himself to be taken out of the running lane and trapped on the wrong side of the wall that Rabach, Dockery and Levi form against their DLs. Rinehart is carried backwards and almost closes off the running lane, but Betts again shows great burst to slip through the hole before it collapses. Good blocking from Marko Mitchell to keep his DB out of the play.

3-1-WAS 49 (7:48) R.Cartwright up the middle to 50 for 1 yard (V.Holliday).

1-10-50 (7:09) L.Betts left end to DEN 48 for 2 yards (K.Peterson).

Levi for some reason lets the DE slide off him and goes to block an incoming safety, but there is no one to compensate and the DE makes the play.

2-8-DEN 48 (6:34) J.Campbell pass short middle to A.Randle El to DEN 39 for 9 yards (B.Dawkins).

A LB blitzes up the middle and Betts picks him up but is unable to stop him, so Campbell throws off his back foot under heavy pressure (but its real pressure this time, not just in his head) to beat the blitz.

1-10-DEN 39 (5:56) R.Cartwright up the middle to DEN 36 for 3 yards (M.Thomas, B.Dawkins).

2-7-DEN 36 (5:19) L.Betts up the middle to DEN 32 for 4 yards (B.Dawkins, D.Williams).
Timeout #1 by DEN at 04:37.

3-3-DEN 32 (4:37) J.Campbell pass short right to D.Thomas to DEN 5 for 27 yards (T.Law).

Thomas is wide to the right with Randle-El in the slot on the same side. Quick hitch to Thomas, who makes two impressive athletic moves to beat a CB and a ILB who immediately close on him. Randle-El runs a slant to pull the nickel back to the inside, then makes a good block to keep him there and open up the downfield yardage. Randle-El then comes off him and manages to get back downfield and in front of Thomas to take out a second DB who was right in Thomas’ path. Thomas cuts inside that block, spins to put a defender on the ground, and is finally chased down at the 5. A truly extraordinary athletic display by Thomas, and a less-noticed but also impressive bit of solid high-effort football from Randle-El to assist him. A two man show.

1-5-DEN 5 (3:48) L.Betts right tackle to DEN 3 for 2 yards (A.Davis).

The Broncos blitz all their LBs up the middle, so even though the line surges ahead with some power they are unable to open a proper running lane.

2-3-DEN 3 (3:05) L.Betts left guard to DEN 1 for 2 yards (R.Fields).
Timeout #2 by DEN at 02:49.

The Broncos are obviously anticipating the power running plays here and are throwing everyone into run defense. Nonetheless, the line carrying the battle forward towards the end zone, and in this situation and in a straight-up physical battle against a defense that knows what’s coming, these 2 yard runs are pretty impressive.

3-1-DEN 1 (2:49) L.Betts left end for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.

Levi and Sellers (LTE) blow the Broncos off the line a drive into the endzone. Yoder is lead blocking from the FB spot. However, instead of leading to the edge he turns inside and attacks the men Sellers and Levi have already beaten. This mean that Brian Dawkins comes clean off the corner, gets low, and makes a textbook tackle attempt that should have prevented Betts from exploiting the space gained by his blockers. But Betts anticpates the contact and manages to slip just inside while maintaining his forward momentum to blast through the tackle and lunge into the end zone.

S.Suisham extra point is GOOD, Center-E.Albright, Holder-H.Smith.

DEN 17 WAS 24, 11 plays, 60 yards, 6:13 drive, 12:16 elapsed

S.Suisham kicks 73 yards from WAS 30 to DEN -3. E.Royal to DEN 27 for 30 yards (B.Westbrook, R.Doughty).

Denver Broncos at 2:44, (1st play from scrimmage 2:36)

1-10-DEN 27 (2:36) (Shotgun) C.Simms pass incomplete short middle to D.Graham [A.Carter].

Carter beats the RT to the inside and hits Simms in the back (Simms is a lefty) as he throws.

2-10-DEN 27 (2:32) (Shotgun) C.Simms pass incomplete short middle to K.Moreno [A.Haynesworth].

Haynesworth is back in and rushes from RDE. When Simms can’t find anyone open and steps up in the pocket, Haynesworth comes off the tackle and comes back inside around three Broncos linemen and Simms again takes a big hit as he throws.

3-10-DEN 27 (2:27) (Shotgun) C.Simms pass incomplete deep middle to B.Marshall (R.Doughty) [A.Carter].
Haynesworth was injured during the play.

Carter takes a big chip from FB that slows him down, but still manages to fight past the RT and put pressure on Simms. Doughty is right in front of Marshall and leaps for the high pass, deflecting it into the air.

4-10-DEN 27 (2:20) (Shotgun) C.Simms pass incomplete short left to B.Marshall.

Simms has a pocket this time but waits for deep routes to develop and by the time someone comes open Cornelius Griffin has fought through his block and is able to reach an arm out and land a blow on Simms’ back, which I believe leads to the pass sailing high and out of bounds.

Washington Redskins at 2:14

1-10-DEN 27 (2:14) L.Betts left tackle to DEN 26 for 1 yard (A.Davis, R.Fields).
Timeout #3 by DEN at 02:08.

Ah, clock killing. My favorite part of football (when we’re the ones doing it).

2-9-DEN 26 (2:08) L.Betts left tackle to DEN 26 for no gain (R.Hill, E.Dumervil).

Two-Minute Warning

3-9-DEN 26 (2:00) L.Betts right tackle to DEN 18 for 8 yards (B.Dawkins).
Timeout #1 by WAS at 01:15.

Redskins let the clock run down as far as possible then call the timeout so they don’t need to rush the field goal.

4-1-DEN 18 (1:15) S.Suisham 35 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-E.Albright, Holder-H.Smith.

DEN 17 WAS 27, 4 plays, 9 yards, 1:04 drive, 13:50 elapsed

S.Suisham kicks 54 yards from WAS 30 to DEN 16. E.Royal to DEN 26 for 10 yards (C.Wilson).

Denver Broncos at 1:10, (1st play from scrimmage 1:06)

1-10-DEN 26 (1:06) (Shotgun) C.Simms sacked at DEN 22 for -4 yards (A.Carter).

Simms steps up in the pocket and sees a man open, but Orakpo, rushing from LB, has pushed back a G and manages to get in Simms’ face with his hand in the air. This forces Simms to pull the ball back down and Carter catches him from behind.

2-14-DEN 22 (:37) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Simms pass short middle to K.Moreno pushed ob at DEN 29 for 7 yards (D.Hall).

3-7-DEN 29 (:29) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Simms sacked at DEN 19 for -10 yards (B.Orakpo).

Orakpo blitzes up the middle and beats the RG with moves rather than power.

4-17-DEN 19 (:03) (No Huddle, Shotgun) C.Simms pass incomplete deep middle to D.Graham.

Graham was open and the pass hit him in the hands, but he knew he had defenders closing in on him and got alligator arms.

That’s game. Check in in a few hours because I want to put up some conclusions about this game and what it means.

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  1. #1- I noticed the same thing with campbell imagining pressure, but to his credit he has seen A LOT of pressure in the pass few games and is not used to an experienced lt having his back
    #2- The pitch from Hall to Landry on the int. Not pretty, not necessary, but... Hall does get blown up and Landry displays some real power by gaining a very tough 13 yards. So it's not a total waste.
    #3- Love the blog, very very few mistakes on the game analysis.