Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, that's that then

Well, that was a suitably painful way to end a nightmare season, but honestly 5-11 wouldn't have felt all that much better than 4-12.

I'm sure we will all wake up in the morning and check the news, and then keep hitting refresh on Redskins Insider until we see the announcement that Jim Zorn has officially been fired.

So do I have to change the name of my blog? Does Mike Shanahan have a comparable catch phrase I can co-opt?

And on the subject of Shanahan, there are more and more rumors that he has other options than the Redskins (namely Dallas, Houston, and Buffalo), so I can still cling to a faint but real hope that he will stiff us and Jerry Gray will be the new boss. But the smart money's still on Shanahan.

And yes, I will be doing a full game review for this one.

UPDATE: Looks like it's already done.


  1. Actually, 5-11 would have tied us with Cleveland and Oakland instead of them finishing ahead of us so yeah it kinda does make a difference.

  2. Yes it does, Anonymous -- in that now we get the #4 draft pick! Here's hoping it's either Okung or trading down to get more picks, and not Claussen or some other QB...

  3. The latest report from NBC is that Shanahan is in town for final contract discussions with Snyder/Allen, and that he's got most of his staff pulled together already.
    Wait for this--by the same report, he's been working with Bob Slowak as a potential defensive coordinator. This guy hasn't produced a top-10 defense in his entire career...we're collectively screwed...

  4. If I recall correctly Slowik was the guy who was tagging along with Shanahan as he visited some training camps last summer, and was presumed to be his DC in waiting. I know he's considered a failed coordinator in Denver - here's hoping that was due to the talent he had to work with rather than his personal abilitites. I'm hoping the former, on the assumption that Shanahan is a smart guy and knows whether or not Slowik is effective.

    Here's hoping there is a full DC interview process with multiple candidates.

    Question 1: How would you maximize the impact of Albert Haynesworth?

  5. Do you know anything about his style, e.g. 1 gap/2gap, blitzing/conservative, etc?