Sunday, January 17, 2010

Redskins offseason needs

These are just sort of off the top of my head, and are jotted down without an eye to who may be available in free agency or the draft. So all things being equal, this is how I'm thinking the Redskins should prioritize each position when it comes to allocating resources:

1) Left tackle

2) Right tackle

3) Quarterback

4) Running back who is a speed/receiving threat

6) Offensive swing tackle

7) Rotational defensive tackle

8) Bigger cornerback

Interior line is notably absent here. In the position overview I mentioned that Casey Rabach and Chad Rinehart might have a role on the team next year, and Kory Lichtensteiger has already been brought in either to be a solid back up or maybe even to push one of those two for a job. So I'm thinking (or hoping) that some mix of those three, combined with Derrick Dockery already in place at left guard, means the middle three line spots, including their primary backup, are already accounted for for 2010.

I also left off free safety because if Landry is moved to the strong spot his free safety replacement is likely already on the roster - Reed Doughty, Kareem Moore, or even Fred Smoot.

If a miracle occurs and a CBA is reached in time to retain the salary cap, this list would change. Jason Campbell, Carlos Rogers, and Kedric Golston would all be unrestricted free agents and the first two would almost certainly be gone. I might then be forced to bump QB over right tackle, and cornerback would have to slide up a bit. Golston would hopefully just be re-signed - if not we have serious depth issues at tackle due to Cornelius Griffin's age. Note that this is not to say a CBA would be a disaster scenario - we would lose some guys but there would also be many more options on the market because the 5th and 6th year players would be UFAs - so hope for a salary cap if you want to be able to address most of the needs on this list.

Post your disagreements below.


  1. How can we know what we'll need defensively until we know what formation we'll run? If a 4-3 we'll need at leats one vet SAM. If a 3-4 we'll need at least one vet ILB amd probably a NG.

  2. That's why this was presented as only rough, back of the envelope stuff. At this stage I deliberately avoided the 4-3/3-4 issue until it can examined in more depth. However I don't see why we would need another SLB - Orakpo and Chris Wilson were basically playing that position all year and did well. I assume Andre Carter would be the other starting OLB. That's three OLBs in whom I have confidence, so anything added there would be purely for depth.

  3. The question, as always, is if Campbell is coming back. Either way Todd Collins will likely be cut because of his high price tag for a backup, and how Colt Brennan is progressing. I'm not sold that he's the franchise's future...but we've got a few months to see about all of that...

  4. Mel Kiper is projecting that the 'Skins take Bradford at #4.

    I think I want to puke.

  5. a) I have seen very little evidence that Mel Kiper knows what he's talking about.

    b) I don't know if Kiper is basing his team needs on the presence or absence of a salary cap. If free agency occurs as normal and the Redskins can find a tackle elsewhere, I don't have a problem with taking a QB with that pick.

    c) Due to his injury and the fact that there are several other premium QBs, I would assume that Bradford would be taken at a lower pick - and at 4th overall I don't know if we're sitting on someone enticing enough to create an opportunity to trade down.