Friday, January 1, 2010

Kafka-esque football

I rarely watch college football, but I found myself watching the Outback Bowl earlier today and was delighted to learn that Northwestern's quarterback was a guy named Kafka.

As such, I was hoping that the game would turn out to be some sort of metaphor for the futility of the human struggle in modernity.

But despite early struggles (5 interceptions), Kafka led his team on a comeback and took them to overtime. He came dangerously close to triumphing over adversity, which of course would have screwed up everything.

To my relief, Northwestern lost in heartbreaking fashion and the metaphor was saved - although the fact that there were even glimmers of hope lessens it somewhat.

I hope this kid makes the NFL so we can someday see the following injury report:

Mike Kafka - Doubtful (turned into bug)

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