Friday, October 9, 2009

Redskins vs. Buccaneers 3rd quarter review

This third quarter was so beautiful I wanted to get the review up for you as soon as possible. Fourth quarter and final thoughts will follow fairly early tomorrow.

Buccaneers first possession

3-7-T41 – Bucs line up in a trips bunch formation. DeAngelo Hall is covering a WR in the shallow flat while Carlos Rogers is trailing Antonio Bryant on a crossing route from the other side of the field. Hall sees that QB Josh Johnson is locked in on Bryant and drops back off his man to step in front of Johnson’s throw for the pick.

Redskins first possession

3-7-T38 – DT Chris Hovan drives to the outside and forces Derrick Dockery to commit, then DE Stylez White stunts inside. Dockery is left reaching back to his right trying to slow down white, then Hovan beats Samuels as well. Jason Campbell does a nice job of evasion, and continues looking downfield on the move before deciding to take off. He gains the first down after Chad Rinehart comically leaps out of his way.

1-10-T29 – Portis runs to the right but is stuffed for one yard because Stephon Heyer initially get his man to the outside to create the lane, but lacks the upper body strength to seal him there.

Redskins kick a field goal to make it 10-3

Buccaneers second possession

1-10-T13 – Bucs attempt a zone run to the left. Cornelius Griffin rides with his guard as the line slides to the offensive left, then comes off him to fill the hole, and Philip Daniels unblocked on the right gives the back no where to turn.

… 3 and out

Redskins second possession

2-2-W39 - Screen to Cooley. Cooley breaks three tackles for a 17 yard gain. I am always amazed by Cooley’s open field running ability. He’s not that fast, he’s not that strong, he just knows how to maintain balance and avoid solid blows.

1-10-W44 – Either Sellers (who had motioned to left TE) or Samuels blew their assignment, as they both dodged the DE and tried to get out to block the LB, so of course the DE easily got to Portis in the backfield, and only Portis’ momentum turned this into a 2 yard gain.

4-2-T36 – Bucs stack the line and bite on play action, which was sold very well by the Redskins offensive line. Campbell is pressured by Wilkerson, who had easily beaten Heyer to the inside, but he remains calm, rolls to his right, and finds Cooley sitting in a hole in the Bucs zone coverage. Twelve yards and a key first down.

2-10-W24 – Another well executed play action to get Fred Davis the ball on a screen play, but Stephon Heyer is once again unable to execute a block and a defender barrels in to trip up Davis for a loss.

1-15-T17 – Perfect touchdown throw. Campbell steps up in the pocket, goes through his reads with confidence, and rifles the ball over the head of a trailing linebacker to hit Cooley in the end zone. Beautiful, and so very badly needed.

Then just to be irritating, Ronde Barber blocks the extra point. Which NEVER happens. Almost, but no quite, enough to make me think enough would go wrong to cancel out the Redskins accomplishments since half time. Bucs 10, Redskins 9.

Buccaneers third possession

3-3-T27 – Intriguing pass rush. Three lineman – Haynesworth at RE, Jeremy Jarmon at NT, and Andre Carter at LE. Jarmon crashes to his right, while Haynesworth stunts to his left. Jarmon manages to keep the C and LG occupied, and Orakpo from LB ties up the tackle, and Haynesworth once again embarrasses an isolated RG. Carter forces Johnson to step up into where Haynesworth is four yards in the backfield, and a less mobile QB would have been buried. This bastard, of course, just slips away again and get chased by the entire defense for an additional 9 seconds (yes, I timed it) until London Fletcher finally takes him down a yard short of the line of scrimmage.

Redskins third possession

1-10-W41 – A simple yet beautiful touchdown. All the linemen hold their blocks, Santana destroys his DB with a double move, and Campbell delivers a ball right in his hands and so perfectly that he doesn’t have to break stride and has an easy run into the end zone. Redskins 16, Bucs 9.

Buccaneers fourth possession

Defense comes out fired up and forces a 3 and out as the quarter end.

This quarter of football was so refreshing I almost wanted to rewind it and watch it yet again.

Should be able to get up 4th quarter review and a lot of final thoughts fairly early tomorrow.

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