Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mid-week links

Curly R expands on the idea that the Sherm Lewis hiring spells doom for Jim Zorn.

And Sherman Smith's reaction gives even more evidence that Zorn and his staff were not at all on board with this addition. The gist: “I don’t think he’ll tell us anything we don’t already know... We feel the scheme is good. I don’t think he’ll come in and say you need to run this route two yards deeper or you need to do more of this or that. We don’t think that’s the issue. Our players and we agree, we just need to do everything better. We don’t need to do anything different.”

On a slightly lighter note, Matt Terl introduces us to our new punter. Don't get too attached, he's clearly just a temp. This was the first I learned that left-footed punters find frequent one-week employment opportunities in the NFL.

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