Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick poll

As you know I've only gotten through the third quarter of the Chiefs game review.

In terms of prioritizing, should I:

a) Finish the 4th quarter of the Chiefs game - this would shed more light on Todd Collins' performance, and I imagine that safety is worth looking at

b) Dive straight into the Eagles game because the Chiefs review is already dated

UPDATE: Kansas City wins (sorry Jeff). I'm cranking up the TiVo and 4th quarter will be up later tonight (with allowances made for occasionally checking in on the World Series).


  1. Finish the Chiefs' game. That was more of a "why the hell did we lose", and you do a good job of dissecting the how and why...the Eagles game was more apparent, and we can wait a few days

  2. don't worry about it. Move on

  3. We have two weeks till the next game. I would go ahead and finish the Chief's game.

  4. Finish up the KC joint