Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bucs review is coming...

First of all, a confluence of working late and back-to-back highly entertaining Metrodome-based sporting events means I won't be able to do the first half review until Wednesday night. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Meanwhile, here's some links for you while I stall for time:

- The Redskins have brought in Sherm Lewis as an "offensive consultant." It's possible this was done with Jim Zorn's blessing, but it sure looks like a move directed from the top. Based on Dan Snyder's history with "consultants," Rich Tandler makes a persuasive case that this could be the death knell for Zorn.

- Post Game Heroes has five quick takeaways from the Bucs game.

- Get Curly R's very in-depth game review here.

- Hog Heaven evaluates the Redskins after one quarter of the 2009 season.

- Some of Cooley's hockey player friends conduct post-game interviews. I am reasonably certain that Nicklas Backstom is 12 years old. Maybe Cooley can teach him how to shave.


  1. Your link for Cooley's hockey player friends appears to be incorrect. It took me a few minutes to figure out why I couldn't log in, haha. :)