Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wrapping up Redskins-Cardinals

Just finished the game review this morning. Here's the link for each individual quarter if you're a detail person:

1st quarter
2nd quarter
3rd quarter
4th quarter

If not, here's a not-at-all exhaustive list of some things that jumped out at me. Feel free to add your own.

 - In the 4th quarter, at 7:27 and 3:56, you get two good examples of why the Redskins often motion running backs out to receiver positions but rarely throw to them Click the game review above for the details.

- I'm not sure I've ever seen as many unsuccessful cut blocks as the Redskins committed in this game.

- Kevin Barnes gets overeager before blitzes and tips them off, and on two occasion the Redskins got burned for it. One of was Larry Fitzgerald's 73 yard touchdown.

- There were some lapses, but on the whole the Redskins blockers - linemen, tight ends, and backs - did a pretty good job of communicating and making the necessary adjustments to complex blitzes.

- Chris Chester and Jammal Brown seem out of sync on the left side and regularly interfered with each other getting into position.

- Kory Lichtensteiger was guilty of misreading a couple of blitzes and also had trouble at the second level on run plays, be it blocking the wrong guy or failing to lock on to the defender.

- After a very rough Week 1, Trent Williams performed quite well in pass protection. He kept his feet moving well enough to adjust to misdirection, but maintained his base so he wasn't easily overpowered. Of course, Jason Pierre-Paul wasn't on the field.

- Roy Helu had a number of succesful blitz pickups and appears to be as effective in that role as Hightower.

- Chris Chester continues to look like the weak link on the offensive line. Hopefully the struggles are because he is learning a new system and we will see improvement down the road.

- A number of Helu's good gains came after his vision and athleticism compensated for his blockers' failures. The guy can really run.

Happy Dallas Week everyone.


  1. Good writeup as usual!

    A lot passes tipped bt the DL as you pointed out, will this be an ongoing concern or do you think that this was a strategy employed by the Cards? The do have some giants on the line...

    What is your projection for the Dallas game assuming Romo, Felix Jones & Dez Bryant play, while LaRon and Austin do not?

    Lastly, where are the deep shots to Armstrong this year?!

  2. I'm not too worried about the tips, it was clearly part of the ARI gameplan to drop back and get hands up as soon as it was clear you couldn't get to the QB.

    I'll probably write something brief about Dallas this afternoon.

    Wouldn't worry about deep shots to Armstrong; they were present in Week 1.