Thursday, September 15, 2011

Redskins-Giants 4th quarter game review

OK, time to wrap up the Redskins' Week 1 win. I know these posts are long, but I do recommend you read this one to the end as the manner in which the Redskins iced this game is particularly satisfying. Here are links to the previous reviews:

And now back into the game:

Fourth Quarter

2-18-NYG 2 (15:00) E.Manning pass incomplete short right to M.Manningham (D.Hall).

Chris Nield drives a double team into the end zone, and Kerrigan, while attempting a spin move, gets sufficiently hung up by the RG that a reasonable case could be made for a holding call in the end zone which would result in a safety. No call comes, however, and Manning is able to roll out to the right after the play action but a hit on the receiver from Hall jars the ball loose.

3-18-NYG 2  (14:52) (Shotgun) E.Manning pass short middle to D.Ware to NYG 5 for 3 yards (D.Hall).

Hall reads the screen early and ignores his receiver’s diversionary route, slipping in behind the advancing linemen. Nice play.

4-15-NYG 5  (14:12) S.Weatherford punts 37 yards to NYG 42, Center-Z.DeOssie. N.Paul to NYG 42 for no gain (D.Martin).

Washington Redskins at 14:02

1-10-NYG 42  (14:02) T.Hightower right end to NYG 41 for 1 yard (A.Rolle).

Jammal Brown and Chris Chester both get pushed into the backfield, thus closing off the cutback lanes that the outside zone is meant to create.

2-9-NYG 41 (13:20) R.Grossman pass incomplete short left to S.Moss (C.Webster).

An absolutely terrible play by Rex. Both Brown and Trent are overpowered and as Rex feels the pocket closing in on him he inexplicably tries to force the ball to Santana, who is the victim of absolute blanket coverage on his crossing route. Should have been an interception.

3-9-NYG 41 (13:12) (Shotgun) R.Grossman sacked at WAS 45 for -14 yards (J.Pierre-Paul). FUMBLES (J.Pierre-Paul), RECOVERED by NYG-M.Boley at WAS 40. M.Boley to WAS 27 for 13 yards (T.Hightower).

Trent never even manages to make solid contact with Pierre-Paul who tosses him aside and manages to swipe the ball from a fleeing Rex. Good alertness and hustle from Tim Hightower prevents a touchdown.

New York Giants at 13:02

1-10-WAS 27 (13:02) A.Bradshaw right end to WAS 22 for 5 yards (R.McIntosh).

2-5-WAS 22 (12:27) E.Manning pass short left to H.Hynoski to WAS 18 for 4 yards (R.Doughty).

There’s some sort of coverage breakdown here. Wilson starts out lined up over the WR but drops into deep coverage and passes him off to Doughty who becomes responsible when the receiver runs a hook, but that leaves no one responsible for the flat so the FB gets wide open. Nonetheless Doughty makes a very nice diving tackle to make the play short of the first down.

3-1-WAS 18  (11:48) A.Bradshaw right end to WAS 20 for -2 yards (R.Doughty).

Three stars on this play – Doughty, Hall and Cofield. Two pulling guards and a fullback mean there are three large angry blockers leading the way around the edge. Hall and Doughty launch themselves into these blockers, forcing the RB to cut inside. When he does so he runs into the grasp of Cofield, who has done an impressive job of penetrating and then pursuing the play across the backfield. This is one of those plays that I rewind and watch several more times even after I’m done writing the comment, just to savor it.

4-3-WAS 20 (11:05) L.Tynes 38 yard field goal is BLOCKED (B.Orakpo), Center-Z.DeOssie, Holder-S.Weatherford, RECOVERED by WAS-L.Fletcher at WAS 23. L.Fletcher to WAS 30 for 7 yards (S.Weatherford).

Washington Redskins at 10:57

1-10-WAS 30 (10:57) R.Grossman pass short right to S.Moss to WAS 44 for 14 yards (A.Ross).           

Clearly something goes wrong with the Giants here, as none of the LBs or DBs bother to cover Moss at all.

1-10-WAS 44 (10:11) T.Hightower left end to WAS 44 for no gain (D.Grant).

Trent is taken four yards into the backfield which forces Hightower to take a wide route to the corner; and Montgomery and Lichtensteiger fail to adequately control the DT as he slides down the line in pursuit.

2-10-WAS 44 (9:29) R.Grossman pass to C.Cooley to 50 for 6 yards (M.Boley) [D.Tollefson].

3-4-50  (8:43) (Shotgun) PENALTY on WAS-R.Grossman, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at 50 - No Play.

3-9-WAS 45  (8:18) (Shotgun) R.Grossman pass short right to F.Davis to NYG 48 for 7 yards (A.Rolle).
PENALTY on NYG-A.Rolle, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at NYG 48.           

This was  a good roughness call, as the safety had no reason to lower his helmet into Davis’ back other than to deliver a punishing blow to a receiver who was already on the ground.

1-10-NYG 33  (7:58) R.Grossman pass incomplete short middle to L.Paulsen.

2-10-NYG 33  (7:51) R.Helu left tackle to NYG 31 for 2 yards (J.Pierre-Paul).

Trent is again pushed back, walling off the corner and forcing the back, Helu this time, to cut inside before he wants to.

3-8-NYG 31 (7:10) (Shotgun) R.Grossman pass short right to F.Davis pushed ob at NYG 9 for 22 yards (K.Phillips).           

Good composure by Rex to stand tall and make his throw as the pocket  squeezed in on him, with certain impending violence from the DT who beat Lichtensteiger one on one.

1-9-NYG 9 (6:36) T.Hightower left tackle to NYG 9 for no gain (D.Tollefson, L.Joseph).

Fred Davis is too slow out of his stance and the OLB blows past him to trip up Hightower in the backfield.

2-9-NYG 9 (5:54) (Shotgun) T.Hightower left end to NYG 4 for 5 yards (J.Williams; K.Phillips).

Trent kicks the DE to the outside, while Montgomery and Lichtensteiger drive the DT off the line, then Lichtensteiger sheds off to take out the LB.

3-4-NYG 4 (5:11) (Shotgun) R.Grossman pass short middle to J.Gaffney for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN [M.Kiwanuka].           

Davis is in the slot with Gaffney wide right. Gaffney runs a slant. The CB is playing outside leverage, but Davis’ route to the flat rubs him off. So he has to readjust and cover the slant from the inside, and the extra step is what allows Rex to slip an accurate pass just past his fingertips.

G.Gano extra point is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-S.Rocca.

NYG 14 WAS 28, 10 plays, 70 yards, 1 penalty, 5:53 drive, 9:56 elapsed

G.Gano kicks 72 yards from WAS 35 to NYG -7. D.Thomas, Touchback.

New York Giants at 5:04

1-10-NYG 20  (5:04) (Shotgun) E.Manning pass short middle to D.Hixon to NYG 27 for 7 yards (D.Hall; R.McIntosh).

The Giants spread the field with four receivers and the back releases directly into a route, so both Barnes and Fletcher have a free shot at Manning after passing through a truly massive B gap left open by the RGs failure to see the blitz coming. Manning sees it coming, however, and dumps it out to the void the blitzers left in coverage before they can get to him.

2-3-NYG 27  (4:28) (No Huddle, Shotgun) E.Manning pass short left to H.Nicks to NYG 42 for 15 yards (J.Wilson).           

Fletcher and Barnes come again on the exact same blitz, and again Manning sees them coming and takes advantage of the depleted coverage.

1-10-NYG 42  (3:56) (No Huddle, Shotgun) E.Manning pass incomplete short right to V.Cruz [R.McIntosh].

Orakpo beats the LT to the outside and Manning has limited room in which to step up because Bowen has driven back the RG, and a blitzing Rocky fights his way through the RB’s block to pursue Manning as he tries to escape the pocket.

2-10-NYG 42  (3:56) (Shotgun) PENALTY on NYG-E.Manning, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at NYG 42 - No Play.

2-15-NYG 37  (3:50) (Shotgun) E.Manning sacked at NYG 30 for -7 yards (S.Bowen).

Bowen gets a shot at the LG’s chest then slips inside him and puts on a burst to take down Manning.

3-22-NYG 30 (3:25) (No Huddle, Shotgun) E.Manning pass incomplete short right to M.Manningham.

Cofield fights through the LG and gets a hand up to tip the pass just off course.

4-22-NYG 30  (3:20) S.Weatherford punts 50 yards to WAS 20, Center-Z.DeOssie. B.Banks to WAS 32 for 12 yards (Z.DeOssie).

Washington Redskins at 3:14

1-10-WAS 32 (3:14) T.Hightower left guard to WAS 37 for 5 yards (G.Jones). Timeout #2 by NYG at 03:08.

Cooley, Davis, Lichtensteiger and Montgomery drive the Giants’ defensive line off the line and seal them in the middle, while Chester pulls to the outside left and overpowers the LB who tries to fill the running lane.

2-5-WAS 37  (3:08) T.Hightower left tackle to WAS 43 for 6 yards (C.Canty). Timeout #3 by NYG at 02:56.

Same play – Young leads to the outside and Chester pulls, plowing through the defense to open up 6 yards. I like that when it’s time to ice the game and kill the clock the Redskins abandoned zone running and went to a straight power game.

1-10-WAS 43 (2:56) T.Hightower up the middle to WAS 44 for 1 yard (K.Phillips).

I believe this is now the same play three times in a row. It’s as if the Redskins are trying to make a point to this particular opponent who has traditionally physically dominated them.

2-9-WAS 44  (2:17) T.Hightower left guard to WAS 49 for 5 yards (M.Kiwanuka). Two-Minute Warning

More traditional power runs. Offensive line seals the Giants’ front seven to the left, Young leads. Loving this.

3-4-WAS 49  (2:00) T.Hightower up the middle to WAS 49 for no gain (K.Phillips). Timeout #1 by WAS at 01:14.

Young leads through the hole and blasts a LB, but Chester fails to sufficiently slow up the DT who is able to penetrate and trip up Hightower.

4-4-WAS 49  (1:14) S.Rocca punts 34 yards to NYG 17, Center-N.Sundberg, fair catch by D.Hixon.

4.7 second hang time means gunner Byron Westbrook is standing directly in front of the returners face as he makes the fair catch.

OK, I’m calling it here because it’s already late and I’m tired, so I’ll just let the results of the Giants’ last four plays speak for themselves. Hope you enjoyed these breakdowns – I haven’t yet managed to complete every quarter of every game for a season but I get almost all of them done, so expect more of this each week for the rest of the season. Also, I hope to write a post summarizing some of my observations from the game breakdown; it should be up some time Saturday.

New York Giants at 1:06

1-10-NYG 17 (1:06) (Shotgun) E.Manning pass incomplete short left to D.Hixon.

2-10-NYG 17 (1:01) (Shotgun) E.Manning pass short left to D.Hixon to NYG 31 for 14 yards (R.Doughty, J.Wilson).           

1-10-NYG 31 (:38) (No Huddle, Shotgun) E.Manning pass short middle to H.Nicks to NYG 39 for 8 yards (J.Wilson).

2-2-NYG 39 (:20) (No Huddle, Shotgun) E.Manning sacked at NYG 32 for -7 yards (A.Carriker).


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  2. Your 4th Qtr review came just in time! I had just finished rewatching the first three quarters when you posted it.

    1-10-NYG 33  (7:58) R.Grossman pass incomplete short middle to L.Paulsen

    I'm pretty sure this was a throw intended for F. Davis, which would have gone for an easy first down if not for Paulsen's impressive leaping ability. It was a poor throw which is probably the reason that Paulsen jumped for it.

    Good writeup of the game! Are you concerned with the O-line or is this a matter of them improving as they get more reps together?

    Lastly, was it just me or were Wilson & Hall solid all game? It was as if Eli avoided them and tried to attack the LBs and Safeties the entire game. That Wilson defense against the crossing route on 3rd down was particularly impressive.

  3. You're pretty awesome for doing this. keep up the good work. Love reading them.

  4. I agree C-Money - I don't think Paulses was supposed to leap for this ball. I didn't have high hopes for the line to begin with, and the Giants, even with the injuries, are built around the defensive line, so the Redskins may block better in the future.

    And yes, I think you make a good point about the corners. They were pretty solid.