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Redskins vs. Vikings, 2nd quarter review

You can read the first quarter review here.


1-10-MIN 29 (15:00) B.Favre sacked at MIN 25 for -4 yards (B.Orakpo).

The sack is really created by Philip Daniels. He is at DT in a four man front and drives back the LG, thus blocking Favre from properly stepping up in response to Orakpo’s edge rush.

2-14-MIN 25 (14:26) A.Peterson left end to MIN 39 for 14 yards (K.Moore, L.Fletcher).

Haynesworth is at RDE but aligned over the LG, who drives him off the line with some help from the C. Orakpo is kept to the outside (with some holding) by the LTE, and the LT is free to go to the second level and drive Rocky out of the hole.

1-10-MIN 39 (13:35) B.Favre pass short right to P.Harvin to MIN 44 for 5 yards (L.Alexander).

Nice play by Alexander to not bite too hard on the fake toss and recover to take down the receiver from behind.

2-5-MIN 44 (12:54) B.Favre pass incomplete deep middle to S.Rice.

3-5-MIN 44 (12:47) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass incomplete deep middle to V.Shiancoe (L.Fletcher) [A.Haynesworth].

In another one of Haslett’s very slow-developing blitzes Orakpo is assigned an annoyingly circuitous route to the quarterback, starting from over the RT but looping around and blitzing past the LG’s outside shoulder. The rest of the rush is contained and the RB has plenty of time to track Orakpo and nudge him outside while Favre throws deep. Nice coverage deep downfield by Fletcher.

4-5-MIN 44 (12:39) C.Kluwe punts 45 yards to WAS 11, Center-C.Loeffler. B.Banks ran ob at WAS 18 for 7 yards (Erin.Henderson).

Washington Redskins at 12:29

1-10-WAS 18 (12:29) D.McNabb pass short right to J.Davis to WAS 22 for 4 yards (C.Greenway).

Montgomery (now in at RG) does too good a job blocking his DT before letting him slip by to set up the screen, so the DT is still at the same depth as Davis when he catches the ball and easily recovers to pull him down.

2-6-WAS 22 (11:55) J.Davis up the middle to WAS 24 for 2 yards (B.Leber; E.Henderson).

Brown whiffs on a second level block and allows Davis to get stuffed by a LB.

3-4-WAS 24 (11:13) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass short middle to C.Cooley to WAS 43 for 19 yards (C.Greenway; M.Williams).

1-10-WAS 43 (10:35) D.McNabb pass incomplete short right to C.Cooley.

The WLB walks up into the left B gap to blitz, so Brown adjusts to take him while Sellers cuts the RDE to spring McNabb into his customary bootleg. But Sellers actually whiffs on his cut, and Brown somehow simply loses track of the WLB and lets him get after McNabb. With multiple defenders arrayed in front of him McNabb is forced to throw high, but for all that he is able to hit Cooley in the hands and it should have been caught.

2-10-WAS 43 (10:29) D.McNabb pass incomplete short right to A.Armstrong.

Either a route miscommunication or just a misfire from McNabb.

3-10-WAS 43 (10:25) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass incomplete short middle to S.Moss.

Another terrible drop.

4-10-WAS 43 (10:21) H.Smith punts 34 yards to MIN 23, Center-N.Sundberg, out of bounds.

3.9 seconds

Minnesota Vikings at 10:13

1-10-MIN 23 (10:13) A.Peterson right end to MIN 24 for 1 yard (P.Daniels, L.Alexander). MIN-A.Peterson was injured during the play. His return is Questionable. 28- Peterson ankle injury

The RT tries to kick out Lorenzo Alexander, but Alexander sheds him and makes a nice tackle.

2-9-MIN 24 (9:32) T.Gerhart left end to MIN 26 for 2 yards (A.Carter, K.Golston).

Daniels, at RDE, holds up well against a double team and forces the RB to cut back into traffic.

3-7-MIN 26 (8:51) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass short right to P.Harvin to MIN 35 for 9 yards (C.Rogers).

1-10-MIN 35 (8:16) T.Gerhart right guard to MIN 37 for 2 yards (C.Wilson, K.Golston).

A very aggressive run blitz by Doughty holds up the RB at the line and pulls the TE off Wilson, who is then free to make the tackle when the RB tries to bounce outside.

2-8-MIN 37 (7:38) B.Favre pass short right to N.Tahi pushed ob at MIN 44 for 7 yards (K.Moore).

3-1-MIN 44 (7:19) T.Gerhart left guard to MIN 44 for no gain (L.Fletcher; K.Moore).

Somehow the LG manages to completely miss Haynesworth off the line, although the RB is able to dodge him in the backfield. He tries to bounce outside, but Rocky races to the edge and blows up the lead FB, forcing the run back inside to Fletcher.

4-1-MIN 44 (6:43) C.Kluwe punts 39 yards to WAS 17, Center-C.Loeffler, fair catch by B.Banks.

Washington Redskins at 6:35

1-10-WAS 17 (6:35) J.Davis left tackle to WAS 17 for no gain (C.Greenway; K.Williams).

Holy crap it happened again. Rabach and Lichtensteiger are partners in a zone block, so they initially double a man (in this case a blitzing LB) and then one is meant to shed off and look for a second level block. Instead both do, and the LB comes free. Not the first time this year that has happened.

2-10-WAS 17 (5:53) D.McNabb pass short right to F.Davis pushed ob at WAS 26 for 9 yards (A.Winfield).

Nice adjustment on the protection here. The DT rushes across Lichtensteiger’s face, hoping to open a blitz lane for a LB. But Lichtensteiger shoves him to the inside so he is easily picked up by Davis, then adjusts back to pick up the LB.

3-1-WAS 26 (5:14) D.McNabb pass short right to S.Moss pushed ob at WAS 37 for 11 yards .(A.Winfield).

Let’s see here – we have Santana and Armstrong aligned close to the right, with Santana on the outside. Santana then motions to the tailback spot, while Davis is lined up looking like an offset fullback. At the snap Armstrong runs a slant drawing the corner inside, and the safety takes himself out of the play on a blitz, so Santana races back out to the flat and is wide open for the short pass.

1-10-WAS 37 (4:51) J.Davis right end to WAS 38 for 1 yard (E.Henderson).

All three of the interior linemen get abused by their DLs and the play is stuffed.

2-9-WAS 38 (4:09) (Shotgun) PENALTY on WAS-K.Lichtensteiger, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 38 - No Play.

2-14-WAS 33 (3:45) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass short middle to S.Moss to WAS 48 for 15 yards (C.Greenway).

1-10-WAS 48 (3:08) K.Williams left end to MIN 48 for 4 yards (L.Guion, A.Allen).

Cooley manages to win the corner and seal the RDE to the inside, but there is no blocker to account for the CB.

2-6-MIN 48 (2:30) J.Davis up the middle to MIN 47 for 1 yard (E.Griffen).

Trent whiffs, and the RDE manages to take down Davis from behind.

Two-Minute Warning

3-5-MIN 47 (2:00) D.McNabb pass incomplete short middle to A.Armstrong.

4-5-MIN 47 (1:55) H.Smith punts 34 yards to MIN 13, Center-N.Sundberg, fair catch by G.Camarillo.

4.1 seconds

Minnesota Vikings at 1:47

1-10-MIN 13 (1:47) T.Gerhart left tackle to MIN 17 for 4 yards (A.Carter; R.McIntosh).

2-6-MIN 17 (1:23) (No Huddle, Shotgun) B.Favre pass short right to T.Gerhart pushed ob at MIN 25 for 8 yards (L.Alexander).

1-10-MIN 25 (1:18) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass incomplete deep left to S.Rice [V.Holliday].

Holliday comes on a long, long stunt and gets outside the LT, forcing Favre to throw it away.

2-10-MIN 25 (1:13) B.Favre pass incomplete short right to G.Camarillo (P.Buchanon).

Rocky blitzes and recovers from the RBs block to force Favre to go hot; he hits a WR on a hook but Buchanon, despite initially playing soft coverage, recovers well to break up the pass.

3-10-MIN 25 (1:08) (Shotgun) T.Gerhart right tackle to MIN 30 for 5 yards (K.Moore; L.Fletcher).

Timeout #2 by WAS at 01:02.

4-5-MIN 30 (1:02) C.Kluwe punts 49 yards to WAS 21, Center-C.Loeffler. B.Banks pushed ob at WAS 35 for 14 yards (C.Kluwe).

Washington Redskins at 0:48

1-10-WAS 35 (:48) (Shotgun) D.McNabb pass incomplete short middle to K.Williams. MIN-R.Edwards was injured during the play.

This is becoming a distressing habit for Trent- in pass pro he tries to build himself a bit too much depth and allows himself to be hit while still in a backpedal, so of course he feet aren’t set against the bulrush and he gets push back into McNabb.

Timeout #1 by MIN at 00:43. Timeout required due to injury.

2-10-WAS 35 (:43) (Shotgun) D.McNabb sacked at WAS 26 for -9 yards (E.Henderson).

The LDE drops into coverage, and two LBs blitz. Keiland picks up the first guy but no one sees the second LB on the trail blitz and McNabb goes down hard.

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