Monday, December 27, 2010

Redskins @ Jacksonville, 1st quarter review


J.Scobee kicks 61 yards from JAX 30 to WAS 9. B.Banks to WAS 41 for 32 yards (W.Middleton). PENALTY on JAX-J.Scobee, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at WAS 41.

Washington Redskins at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:52)

1-10-JAX 44 (14:52) R.Grossman pass short left to C.Cooley to JAX 34 for 10 yards (R.Allen). Penalty on JAX-A.Lane, Defensive Offside, declined.

The RDE reads the bootleg so Rex has a man in his face, but despite falling backwards he hits Cooley on a crossing route from the slot.

1-10-JAX 34 (14:36) R.Grossman pass incomplete short middle to F.Davis [J.Mincey].

Again the Jaguars are not fooled by the bootleg and this time Rex has both a DE and DT in pursuit.

2-10-JAX 34 (14:29) R.Grossman pass incomplete short left to S.Moss (T.Knighton).

Rex had a window to hit Santana on the slant but, knowing he had to get it there fast do to a safety moving to cut off the inside angle, he overthrows him a bit.

3-10-JAX 34 (14:26) (Shotgun) R.Grossman pass short left to K.Williams to JAX 30 for 4 yards (Da.Smith).

4-6-JAX 30 (13:44) G.Gano 48 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-S.Paulescu.

WAS 3 JAX 0, 5 plays, 14 yards, 1:19 drive, 1:19 elapsed

G.Gano kicks 65 yards from WAS 30 to JAX 5. D.Karim to JAX 25 for 20 yards (D.Young).

Jacksonville Jaguars at 13:41, (1st play from scrimmage 13:36)

1-10-JAX 25 (13:36) R.Jennings right end to JAX 33 for 8 yards (R.McIntosh).

The TE kicks out Carter (LOLB) while Carriker is sealed inside by the RG and RT, who then sheds him and puts a hat on Fletcher.

2-2-JAX 33 (12:58) R.Jennings left end to JAX 34 for 1 yard (V.Holliday).

Kevin Barnes lines up over the slot receiver but reads the run immediately and takes the RB’s legs out in the backfield.

3-1-JAX 34 (12:22) D.Garrard up the middle to JAX 36 for 2 yards (L.Alexander).

The sneak is aimed at Holliday, who gets driven way off the line by the LT.

1-10-JAX 36 (11:44) D.Garrard pass deep left intended for Z.Miller INTERCEPTED by C.Rogers at WAS 44. C.Rogers to JAX 18 for 38 yards (D.Garrard).

The blitz from Hall is picked up so Garrard has plenty of time. As the color commentator points out, Alexander managed to significantly delay the WR getting into his route; Garrard threw to where he thought his guy would be and Carlos was waiting there for it.

Washington Redskins at 11:31

1-10-JAX 18 (11:31) R.Torain left end to JAX 12 for 6 yards (C.Greene).

2-4-JAX 12 (11:03) R.Torain up the middle to JAX 11 for 1 yard (R.Mathis). PENALTY on JAX-A.Lane, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at JAX 12 - No Play.

Rabach is unable to control the DT, which leads both to the hole being filled and Montgomery being unable to climb to the second level.

1-7-JAX 7 (10:47) R.Torain up the middle to JAX 3 for 4 yards (A.Lane).

Cooley and Armstrong are unable to keep the LDE outside, but Torain manages to burst through the collapsing hole and there’s a few yard to be had due to Montgomery’s second level block.

2-3-JAX 3 (10:07) R.Torain up the middle to JAX 1 for 2 yards (J.Mincey). Direct Snap to WAS 16

I was honestly hoping that we’d seen the end of the Wildcat with those two uninspired snaps against Minnesota. This time Banks hands off to Torain up the middle, and I will admit the RDE is momentarily frozen to contain a potential outside run by Banks and that keeps a hole open. Unfortunately Lichtensteiger misses badly on his second level block so the play is stopped by a LB.

3-1-JAX 1 (9:24) (Shotgun) R.Grossman pass incomplete short middle to S.Moss (T.Alualu). PENALTY on JAX-K.Morrison, Illegal Contact, 0 yards, enforced at JAX 1 - No Play.

1-1-JAX 1 (9:18) R.Grossman pass incomplete short middle to C.Cooley.

The Jaguars sell out completely to stop the fake handoff to the left, so Cooley slips past the RDE and is all by himself in the end zone to drop this soft pass that hit him right in the hands.

2-1-JAX 1 (9:13) R.Grossman pass short left to F.Davis for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.

Another fake run to the right, and the Jaguars bite again as Rex bootlegs to his left. Both Paulsen and Davis are open towards the back of the end zone and the one LB who recovers well enough to get back in the play prioritizes Paulsen, oddly enough.

G.Gano extra point is GOOD, Center-N.Sundberg, Holder-S.Paulescu.

WAS 10 JAX 0, 5 plays, 18 yards, 2 penalties, 2:24 drive, 5:53 elapsed

G.Gano kicks 44 yards from WAS 30 to JAX 26. B.Bolen to JAX 31 for 5 yards (D.Young).

Don’t know what happened here, but Darrel Young was fortunately all over the FB who caught this absurdly short kickoff.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 9:07, (1st play from scrimmage 9:03)

1-10-JAX 31 (9:03) R.Jennings left end to JAX 32 for 1 yard (A.Carter).

Carriker fights through the RT and comes all the way across the backfield to cut off the run to the left, forcing the RB to cut back right into Bryant and Carter.

2-9-JAX 32 (8:26) R.Jennings up the middle to JAX 34 for 2 yards (V.Holliday).

Strong play from Holliday, who pushes back the LT then sheds him to take down the RB.

3-7-JAX 34 (7:44) (Shotgun) D.Garrard pass incomplete short right to M.Lewis.

4-7-JAX 34 (7:37) A.Podlesh punts 36 yards to WAS 30, Center-J.Cain. B.Banks to WAS 34 for 4 yards (M.Owens; Z.Miller). PENALTY on WAS-K.Barnes, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at WAS 34.

Byron Westbrook is one on one against the gunner on the Redskins’ left, and loses track of him entirely so Banks is forced to go to the right.

Washington Redskins at 7:27

1-10-WAS 24 (7:27) R.Torain right end to WAS 30 for 6 yards (R.Allen).

This is something Torain routinely does well – Montgomery is pushed way into the backfield, but Torain manages to bounce around him then cut hard back upfield inside of Cooley’s kick out.

2-4-WAS 30 (6:48) R.Torain left end to WAS 29 for -1 yards (Da.Smith).

The LBs shift to the offensive left, recognizes that Cooley’s motion to that side tips off the direction of the run.

3-5-WAS 29 (6:04) (Shotgun) R.Grossman pass incomplete short middle to C.Cooley.

Trent is driven back into the pocket by the RDE, but thanks to an excellent pick up of a blitzing LB by Keiland Rex is able to step up and fire a throw to Cooley that should have been caught for a first down.

4-5-WAS 29 (5:57) S.Paulescu punts 39 yards to JAX 32, Center-N.Sundberg. M.Thomas to JAX 36 for 4 yards (D.Young).

3.9 seconds

Jacksonville Jaguars at 5:48

1-10-JAX 36 (5:48) D.Garrard pass short right to G.Jones to JAX 36 for no gain (R.McIntosh).

2-10-JAX 36 (5:07) D.Garrard pass short right to Z.Potter to JAX 46 for 10 yards (V.Harris). PENALTY on JAX-G.Whimper, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at JAX 36 - No Play.

Carriker completely blows up the RT and the hold around his collar is the only thing that allows Garrard to escape and make this pass.

2-20-JAX 26 (4:47) (Shotgun) D.Garrard pass short left to R.Jennings to JAX 40 for 14 yards (L.Fletcher).

Jeremy Jarmon is in at RDE and Robert Jackson at ROLB – both are sucked in on the screen.

3-6-JAX 40 (3:57) D.Garrard pass short left to M.Sims-Walker to WAS 29 for 31 yards (P.Buchanon).

Redskins send several blitzers, and all are picked up except for Barnes who is untouched off the edge but inexplicably just misses Garrard.

1-10-WAS 29 (3:00) D.Garrard sacked at WAS 34 for -5 yards (A.Carriker).

Carriker overwhelms the RG.

2-15-WAS 34 (2:38) R.Jennings left end to WAS 33 for 1 yard (R.Jackson).

Jackson takes on the block of the TE and wins the battle, shoving him aside and making the stop.

3-14-WAS 33 (1:56) (Shotgun) D.Garrard pass short right to M.Lewis to WAS 26 for 7 yards (C.Rogers).

4-7-WAS 26 (1:14) J.Scobee 44 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Left, Center-J.Cain, Holder-A.Podlesh.

Washington Redskins at 1:08

1-10-WAS 35 (1:08) R.Grossman pass short right to R.Torain to WAS 36 for 1 yard (Da.Smith).

2-9-WAS 36 (:28) R.Grossman pass short right to R.Torain to WAS 39 for 3 yards (Da.Smith).

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