Sunday, December 6, 2009

A poll - which Redskin most needs to drink away his sorrows tonight?

You can find my initial reactions to the game in the previous post.

For now, a poll. You can vote in the comments section.

Which Redskin is drinking the most heavily tonight:

a) LaRon Landry - exploited for two long touchdowns
b) Shaun Suisham - missed a 23 yard field goal that would have virtually sealed the game
c) Mike Sellers - fumbled in overtime
d) Kareem Moore - got stripped on an interception return that gave the Saints a touchdown
e) Kevin Barnes - hit by a short punt to give the ball back to the Saints after they had been stopped
f) Jason Campbell - threw a killer interception to let the Saints back in the game
g) Jim Zorn, for so many reasons


  1. My vote is B - Suisham. Gonna be a rough night.

  2. G. Campbell was playing well and he didnt get a chance to make a play on 3rd and 1 on the 2 yard line to possibly make it 14 point lead. Instead the decision was made to play conservative agains the most potent offense in the NFL? Absolutely inexusable

  3. zer0ego - Personally, I thought making it a two-score game was the highest priority, but a lot of people tonight are making an argument similar to yours. For all intents and purposes a 23 yard field goal is considered to be an absolute, 100% sure thing. I think I would have done the same.

  4. Before I respond. Where are you reading about peoples views? I have been searching for blogs and post game analysis but haven't been able to find much.

  5. Zorn got ripped for conservative game calling in that situation on the Comcast Sport Net post-game show, especially by Doc Walker. He was also taking a lot of heat for it on the radio post-game. So I think there's a significant group of people who agree with you.

  6. Landry. This is only the latest case in which he has been victimized by receivers going deep--his field vision is really ,really bad in pass defense, and if a CB gave up that many touchdowns to double-moves he'd be benched...hell, Rogers already had been.

    Today, though, Landry was clearly the weak link in a patched-up secondary that played EXCEPTIONALLY well against Brees and his receivers. Bench Landry or move him to strong safety and give Moore the chance to play deep, he showed today that he's a ballhawker-type even if he did give up a pick (on the flukiest play I've seen in a long time).

  7. Here's the issue I have with the call in this situation other than the simple fact that these types of calls have become synonymous with us losing winnable games. I believe that there are times when conservative play is necessary but at those times it isn't considered conservative it's smart. There are times in a game where your offense isn't producing or other various reasons that makes it smart to get points on the board I understand that... but in my mind with other teams those instances are generally clear and the teams understand that attempting a touchdown isn't feasible or responsible in that situation.That wasn't the case tonight we were whooping them up and down the field driving at will. Playing like we hadn't all season and had a chance at home to make a statement. why go away from what was working all night and that is Jason Campbell and through him get away from playmakers like santana?!!

  8. Kareem Moore. Just go to the ground, man!

  9. Zorn. Of all the people who deserve a drink it is him. Not because he messed up on the field, but because he will be the first one to go. He doesn't deserve this.

    Ceratto will point to Sherman Lewis and say: "See Mr. Synder, I was right! Zorn is not the offensive genius, the diamond in the rough, we thought he was. I noticed this, brought in some adult leadership, and you can see the results already! Of course if Zorn were any kind of coach they would have won those games. I gave him a play-off caliber team and he couldn't get it done so I brought in someone who could. Uhm, I mean, WE gave him a play-off caliber team didn't we? You and me. Do you see? Do you see Mr. Synder? I am the one who works and he isn't. I am the one who gets things done and he isn't. Keep me and throw him away. I will 100% endorse anything you tell me to do. Let me get rid of him and that silly, middle of the pack quarterback. Remember that list of really glitzy, over-the-hill, past-their-prime players out there I compiled for you? Don't forget all of those terrific-on-paper players with "me first" personalities that bring in the headlines while ruining locker room cohesiveness and morale. I'll get started right away. Uh.....what was Mr. Shanahan's phone number again?"

  10. Zer0ego - Given that the recovery rates of anticipated onside kicks is less than 15%, taking that field goal and requiring the Saints to make two scores basically ends the game.

    Anonymous - I couldn't agree more. Landry is by far weakest link in our defense. If DeAngelo Hall is back next week, I think Smoot would be the best candidate to replace him. Landry can either split time with Doughty at strong safety, or be benched altogether.

    Rob - Moore had a bad night too, but he should probably be paying for Suisham's drinks for taking the spotlight off of him.

    Teddy - Yeah. Zorn is in an absolute no-win situation here.

  11. Dave O - please don't forget that landry had 12 tackles and the only sack in that game. I think he may be a little to valuable to outright bench. Move him to strong safety and start moore at free.

  12. Anonymous (the second one) - actually I agree, to an extent. I think Landry and Doughty would be equally solid at strong safety, and clearly if Sean Taylor had never been shot strong safety is exactly where Landry would be (speaking of which, its scary how good this defense could be with Sean Taylor). My personal preference to take over free safety would be Smoot, however.