Sunday, December 13, 2009

The last three weeks, the Redskins went up against superior opponents, outplayed each of them, and managed to lose in heartbreaking fashion.

Today the Redskins faced a bad team and beat the snot out of them.

There are three more tough games remaining: Giants, Dallas, and San Diego.

What if the Redskins win two of those, and are competitive in the other? The improvement of this team has been dramatic - dramatic enough that a strong case could be made against a major roster and coaching overhaul. The Redskins look for all the world like they are an offensive tackle away from being pretty good.

Two more wins should, but probably won't, save Jim Zorn's job. Let's face it, we've been through hell this year. I hope enough continuity is maintained to capitalize on all the progress we've seen.


  1. The more I've seen of the team the last three or four weeks, the more I think Zorn should keep his job. I might be wrong, but I'd like to see what he could do with one more season to work with Campbell and the younger players especially.

  2. Pratik - Agreed. I'd rather draft a tackle (or two) and give Campbell a full offseason to work with Thomas and Davis in their more developed roles than bring in a new system and have everyone start from scratch.

    I could picture an arrangement whereby Zorn is given the chance to keep his job, but is required to submit a plan to management offering details on how he would improve the gameplanning/playcalling. There could even be a requirement that Sherm Lewis be given a significant role in that process.

  3. The improved play is great to watch, but I'm going to wait and see how this team finishes the season. Zorn keeping his job is one thing, especially since he doesn't have a major role in the playcalling anymore. The offensive line certainly needs to be addressed in the off season, and I hope the better play the last few weeks by Thomas and Davis, not to mention the entire team overall, doesn't allow Cerrato to keep his job after several years of awful and inept drafting.

  4. As long as Cerrato goes, I'm happy with whatever his successor does.

  5. Matt and Rob -

    I think the problem we're facing is that the only way Cerrato can be replaced effectively (rather than just replaced for the sake of change)is if a GM/team president is brought in who has enough clout to say no to Snyder - think a Parcells type. Someone like that is likely to want to clean house entirely and bring in his own guys, so it may be an improvement in the long run but in the shorter term any recent development we've seen counts for nothing.

    An ideal situation would be a GM/president who is given authority but then decides on his own to keep most of the coaching staff in place, but that seems extremely unlikely.

    So by maintaining continuity on the field, I fear we may also be stuck with continuity in the front office setup. This whole situation feels like a lose-lose to me.

  6. My guess is that Vinny stays, sadly. But I agree, if by some miracle Danny can decide to bring on a big-name GM, it'll mean some significant changes to coaching staff and players. And I'm fine with that. I've never hated Zorn or JC like others have, but I also am not convinced the core of this team is superbowl-caliber.

    My fear is that Vinny stays and goes for TOO much continuity... in other words, "hey, that o-line looked fine to me, let's get ourselves a new receiver!"

  7. The problem with the Redskins isn't talent, it's the mentality of the front office and how it affects the coaching staff's ability to do their job. Until Snyder learns to back off and leave the work to the professionals he will continue to undermine the ability of the coach to lead the team. My guess as to what's happened these last few games is that Zorn and Cambell have basically said, 'screw it, I know I'm gone at the end of the year so I'm going to do whatever I want,' and this mentality has freed them to play well. Unless the front office changes their approach it won't matter who is around next year.

  8. HIP HIP HOORAY, VINNY IS GONE! Now let's all hold our breath and wait and see who comes in next. But as I said above, with Vinny gone I'm very willing to give his replacement a lot of rope whatever he decides regarding Zorn, JC, etc.