Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thomas is done for the year, and maybe as a Redskin

Looks like Randy Thomas is probably done for the year, so the depth issues on the offensive line are no longer hypothetical. With Chad Rinehart inactive Will Montgomery was the backup interior lineman. I got the impression in preseason that Rinehart was meant to be Thomas's successor, so we'll have to see who get the start next week with a week to prepare. Obviously my upper deck vantage point wasn't ideal for watching the details of line play, but my impression was that Montgomery held up pretty well. While this loss hurts, Thomas was quite frankly the man on the line we could most afford to lose. He's not nearly the powerful and agile blocker he was when younger and healthier, and I have infinitely more confidence in our guard depth compared to tackle. Thomas was already in the process of getting squeezed out, so now we get a head start on determining who the 2010 starter will be.

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