Monday, September 7, 2009

Redskins manage to make practice squad dramatic

After significant delay, the Redskins practice squad is finally complete, with Chase Daniel notably absent. He ended up signing with the Saints practice squad rather than ours, and it's hard to figure out who jilted whom. We signed QB Andre Woodson, who was cut by the Giants, but it's not clear if that was the cause or the effect of Chase not being brought back.
Woodson was a star at the University of Kentucky who was spoken of as a possible first round pick during his senior year, but concerns about his decision-making skills and mechanics caused him to drop all the way to the sixth round in 2008. He is a big guy - 6'4", 227 lbs - and is your classic strong-armed quarterback with very raw skills but just maybe significant upside.
There is already speculation that Woodson was brought in primarily as a spy - he is probably already being quizzed by the coaching staff on the offensive game plan of our week 1 opponent and his former employer, the New York Giants. Sneaky folks, these NFL guys. Was Chase let go ONLY for Woodson's intel value? Or is Woodson really considered a better long-term development project? Are we just reading way, way too much into bottom-of-the-roster moves? Probably the last one. But I still hope Woodson gives up the goods.
Any way, here is the practice squad:
Guys who were in camp with the Redskins:
LB Darrell Young
S Lendy Holmes
DE J.D. Skolnitsky
WR Trent Shelton
DE Rob Jackson (who was on the active roster all last year)
FB/TE/H-back type guy Eddie Williams
Guys signed from other teams:
WR Onrea Jones (Cardinals)
QB Andre Woodson (Giants)
Also, a couple of guys the Redskins may (or may not) have wanted to sign to the practice squad were claimed off waivers: DT Anthony Dixon was picked up by the Eagles and LB Cody Glenn was claimed by the Colts.

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