Sunday, September 27, 2009

An attempt at an upbeat gameday post

It's been a rough week, featuring a rift between Redskins fans and players like I've never seen. Even during the dark years of the early 90s, when we were sitting through 3-13s, I never saw the fans turn on their team like quite like this. Now with the boos after a win, the (unproven) allegations of spitting, and Robert Henson's less than brilliant decision to splatter his frustrations all over the internet, we seem to be in danger of rupturing what has always been a solid relationship through good times and bad.

Let's not turn into Eagles fans, who loudly profess their undying loyalty and then are the first to turn on their team as soon as things go wrong. I would be very upset if we forfeited the right to look down on Philadelphia sports fans. We're better than them, and I take a lot pride in that.

But the big question is, if the Redskins players feel like they're under assault from their own fans, how can we expect them to make a cheesy 1980s-style music video thanking us for our support? Somehow I'd never seen this before, but a commenter posted the link on Cooley's blog and it immediately cheered me up. What we desperately need right now is a remake of this classic with the current players, but I think it's critical to keep the 1980s style. This sounds like a job for Cooley. Chris, if you can make this happen I promise never to mention your blocking again.

And that comment happened to be attached to a post on The Redskins Rap. Trust me, its better than you think and will get you in a more positive mindset for the game today. It also reminded me that I really need to write a post breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of the Redskins tertiary.

So now that we're in a better mood, check out this video of Zorn and Campbell in action. Opinions vary widely on whether this tandem will take the next step, and personally I'm on the fence. But remember - they are carrying out team at least through this season, and only then will it make sense to look for other options if they haven't performed. Until then, they are our guys, and booing them after wins, or advocating blowing up the whole team after week 2, does nothing to help. Remember, whenever you get frustrated by the Redskins, just think of what an Eagles fan would do and do the opposite.

Enjoy the game everyone.


  1. How's your mood now?

  2. Bad loss for the team. I am wondering why so few running plays. I am wondering if there is a lack of confidence in our o-line from the coaching staff. This game was never really out of reach, there was no reason to abandon a running game. I am beginning to question the philosophy of Zorn's offense.

  3. I'm not so sure we're stuck with Zorn for the whole season...

  4. We can stop blaming Zorn, Campbell, the offense, the defense, the play calling, the fans, Chief Z, the Cowgirls, the Eagles, the Giants, the Lions, the booing or whatever else you want to blame. Tony Dungy said it best, this is an organizational issue. Unless anyone has any idea on how to unseat an NFL owner we're stuck with this crap.

  5. Oh and David, sorry bout your mood.

  6. Can we all just agree that Vinny C. needs to be replaced? Tough to blame Zorn for a couple of bad calls per game when the real problem is a long-time, obvious lack of an o-line.