Sunday, November 6, 2011

I've seen enough of John Beck

After last week's total offensive failure I said that Beck deserves at least one more week. But he's had more than three games nowand he's not just struggling or making mistakes as the result of a learning curve; he's shown absolutely no ability to run a NFL offense. The argument before had been that we already knew Rex was a sub-par quarterback, and Beck at least offered hope as an unknown. He's not anymore.

After 3+ games, this is what we've learned about John Beck:

- He cannot progress through reads - if the first option isn't there he goes straight to the checkdown
- He's inaccurate
- He has a poor deep ball, on the rare occasions when he tries it
- His pocket presence is nonexistent, and this makes his "mobility" useless
- His decision making is painfully slow

The one thing Beck does well is that if his first read is open right as he hits the top of his drop (or as he comes out of his bootleg), he can hit the throw with good timing. That's it, and it's something that any professional quarterback should be able to do.

I am the sort who can be happy with a boring, game manager quarterback, especially given where this team is in it's development. If the offense was simply less than dynamic I could accept that to avoid Rex Grossman's turnovers. And if that means checking down a lot, I could certainly live with it. But this is out of hand.

We all know Rex's weaknesses, and I doubt anyone thinks he would set the world on fire. We can expect at least one or two dumb turnovers per game, and there will always be the possibility of a total meltdown like the one that got him benched against the Eagles. But he will at least give the offense a realistic chance of moving the ball downfield in a meaningful fashion. To resort to cliche, its pretty clear which quarterback gives the Redskins "the best chance to win."


  1. Bring back Jason Campbell! If he will have us.

  2. Yep. Probationary trial period over. I can forgive a few missed receivers here and there; it gets pretty hectic out there, you know? Pressure in your face, disguised coverages, etc. Beck has missed probably at least 15 WIDE OPEN WR's in the past 2 games. Like, guaranteed 15-20 yard gainers if he would just look downfield. I'd say maybe he needs more time to develop that skill...but after 5 years of being a pro quarterback? He should already have that skill.

  3. Agreed, I don't know how much one can take, especially when Micky Roarke know that the only chance the skins have is with Grossman. Watching the last two weeks I'd agree. How long can Kyle stand this (not saying he's the answer) the heat is already on him. What's he going to say, "well guys were running open all day but my QB can't make a read", seriously? I'd rather live with the INTs and see a couple of big plays or at least look like they can move the ball. This reminds me of when Mark Brunnel was playing with no arm. Just painful.

  4. What I don't get is why Beck seems to be given this latitude where Rex got thrown out for being who he is.

    Totally agree, Grossman may lose 2-3 games in a season with turnovers - but outside of those ones at least he makes the throws and has the ability to make plays.

    Its no surprise to me that both the D and the O have trended down significantly since Beck arrived - the D doesn't believe the O can score and they're playing tight because of it and the O doesn't believe Beck can make the throws.

  5. Isn't there still the issue of injuries and continuity on the OL? How much time does Beck have to throw? How much harder is it to get better if you're always running for your life? I'm thinking Grossman would be in the exact same situation. The talent on both lines just isn't there.