Monday, July 19, 2010

Staying Medium hesitantly dips its toe into Twitter

Yep, I finally caved. You can go to @StayMediumBlog to follow my tweets (oddly enough @StayingMedium was unavailable).

I am joining fellow soon-to-be Redskins blogs IIWII and Brooding Burgundy on Twitter, and also seeking to shut up the many, many people who tell me I'm crazy for not doing this earlier (for those of you who don't know me, I'm a crotchety 70 year old man who mistrusts you crazy young people and your "social networking"... and your music).

I started this up yesterday and spent about an hour poking around and finding folks I could follow, so feel free to sift through my list for some interesting Redskins/NFL feeds. I even put up a tweet of my own, and then "re-tweeted" a couple of things, which made me feel all high-tech and youthy - although I kind of feel like I may as well just take the next logical step and join Team Jacob.

I can't say yet how frequently I'll be tweeting (that word is going to take some getting used to). We'll figure that out as we go. Obviously I will put notifications of new posts up on the Twitter feed, although it will also provide me a vehicle to point out articles I like when I don't have enough material for a "links" post - hence my first tweet about ANFLS's Haynesworth article. Worth reading, but I ordinarily wouldn't bother with a blog post just to call your attention to it. And the Barnwell thing was just funny. So as much as I mock Twitter its easy to see how it could actually be quite useful.

And if I'm doing Twitter wrong somebody needs to let me know, okay?

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  1. doing just fine, so far... welcome to the Tworld! i predict it will take about a week for you to start wondering how you ever lived without it.