Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hopeless 53-man roster prediction

I am starting the countdown to training camp (July 29th is coming fast, isn't it?).  As such I guess it's time to put my 53-man roster out there.  Rest assured, this will turn out to be utterly, hilariously wrong but I'm giving it a shot.

Despite the fact that there is a notable lack of commentary below, there is in fact some logic that I put into these predictions.  The reason I'm not going into it here is because we are about to launch into a whole series of posts previewing each position in a fair amount of detail, so I can make my case for these selections there.  We'll start Thursday night with the defensive line, and you can expect them to continue going up every two to three days running through the start of training camp and wrapping up before the first preseason game.

So for your consideration, debate, mockery, or general disdain, here is my stab at the final 53:

Defensive Line (8)
Tackles: Albert Haynesworth, Maake Kemoeatu, Kedric Golston, Howard Green
Ends: Philip Daniels, Adam Carricker, Vonnie Holliday, Darrion Scott
Cuts: Rob Jackson, Trey Jacobs, Anthony Bryant

Linebackers (8)
Outside: Brian Orakpo, Andre Carter, Lorenzo Alexander, Chris Wilson
Inside: London Fletcher, Rocky McIntosh, H.B. Blades, Perry Riley
Cuts: Jeremy Jarmon, Robert Henson, Curtis Gatewood, Chris Draft

Defensive Backs (9)
Corners: DeAngelo Hall, Carlos Rogers, Philip Buchanon, Justin Tryon, Kevin Barnes
Safeties: Reed Doughty, LaRon Landry, Kareem Moore, Chris Horton
Cuts: Byron Westbrook, Lendy Holmes, Doug Dutch, Ramzee Robinson, Anderson Russell

Offensive Linemen (9)
Tackles: Trent Williams, Jammal Brown, Stephon Heyer, Selvish Capers
Interior Linemen: Derrick Dockery, Casey Rabach, Artis Hicks, Chad Rinehart, Kory Lichtensteiger

Cuts: Edwin Williams, Will Montgomery, William Robinson, Clint Oldenburg, Eric Cook

Running Backs (5)
Tailbacks: Larry Johnson, Clinton Portis, Ryan Torain, Keiland Williams
Fullbacks: Mike Sellers
Cuts: Willie Parker, Darrell Young

Tight Ends (2)
Keepers: Chris Cooley, Fred Davis
Cuts: Logan Paulsen, Lee Vickers

Wide Receivers (6)
Keepers: Santana Moss, Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, Bobby Wade, Mike Furrey, Terrence Austin
Cuts: Joey Galloway, Brandon Banks, Roydell Williams, Shay Hodge, Anthony Armstrong

Quarterbacks (3)
Keepers: Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, Colt Brennan
Cut: Richard Bartel

Specialists (3)
Long Snapper: Nick Sundberg
Kicker: Graham Gano
Punter: Josh Bidwell


  1. Jeremy Jarmon has to be the biggest surprise on your list. Good work going through in a logical manner, though.

  2. I would be very disappointed if I were right about Jarmon. But I just can't see keeping a 5th OLB, and I can't see one of those other four guys getting cut.

    If Jarmon does get let go, it will be through no fault of his own - he will purely be a victim of the scheme change.

    But like I said, I tried to come up with a reasonable scenario here but I'm sure what actually happens will bear little resemblance to this post.

  3. Jarmon is the odd man out at the OLB spot right now he'd be around #5 in the depth chart. Barring something crazy Orakpo and Carter are locks. Alexander isn't going anywhere b/c he can play any position. Wilson is a nice pass rush specialist and can drop into coverage with his skills....that leaves Jarmon who is a ? coming off the ACL tear.

    You have to wonder also if Jarmon will be used as a 3-4 DE in some pass packages as well. It will be a tough road ahead for him.

  4. I'll buy it. At first I didn't agree with the RB vs TE numbers; but with Big Mike Sellers in there, he can definitely be a back-up TE and/or blocking TE on goal line. Plus, he's got decent hands. Too bad he dropped a few last season though.

  5. Not a bad senario, and I feel bad for Jarmon.
    The one change might be that Keiland Williams gets cut and Dennis Morris is the #2 fullback who is also a blocking tightend.

  6. @Anon 1 - One thing I'm curious to see is in preseason is if Sellers and Morris motion out to TE alot. If so, we can get away with not keeping a third blocking tight end. But if those two are going to purely be fullbackss/H-backs then that changes. I went with just two TEs for that reason and because there are so many other areas on the roster where depth is a concern.

    @Anon 2 - Actually I had several scenarios just like that. But given the Johnson and Portis are ancient and Torain is unproven and has an injury history, I figured we couldn't get away with just three tailbacks. I also at one point had only 5 wide receivers, but given the weakness of that position I couldn't bring myself to do it. Looking over the roster the second fullback was a luxury and had to be next off the list. But given the need to replace Sellers in the near future, if Morris doesn't make the team hopefully he'll stick on the practice squad.

  7. @Deadman - I suppose its possible Wilson could be gone instead, but he just played so well last year... But if they want another OLB who can do the stack and shed rather than just rush the passer (like I guess they intend to do with Lorenzo) I suppose Jarmon could get the nod instead. Neither guy deserves to get cut but I just don't see how there's room for both of them.

  8. The question is are you going to suit up 6WRs and 5TB ... that seems like a luxary to me Williams can be kicked to the PS as could Terrance Austin . I really don't see us keeping Wade and Furry ...

    You missed off Dennis Morris but I think he will be duking it out in camp with Sellers ...

    I also think there will be more than 8 LBs on the final roster . It is not uncommon to see 10 in a 3-4 orientation especially where you have utility players like Jarmon, Wilson and Alexander who could slip into the DE slot .

    Otherwize it is going to be intersting what happens .

    Personally I could see us dropping Colt and going with only 2 QBs ... again

  9. I don't know about cutting Will Montgomery. He can play center and guard (albeit, not well). Chad Reinhart has to go instead. He can't play well, or stay healthy. Wasn't he arrested this offseason? Drunk driving I think. Bugle hand picked him in the 3rd round, but i think he's been a bust and at least Montgomery is more versatile. He stinks too. Let me know what you guys think.

  10. Are we not bringing back Ethan Albright? He's one of the games best snappers. Has he signed somewhere else or retired? Best red-headed snapper of all time, in my humble opinion.

  11. Jeff - I actually think Chad Rinehart played fairly well the second time he got into the lineup last year. Will Montgomery was awful. And Lichtensteiger is a center so we have a backup there. The arrest was irrelevant - it was just public drunkenness. Wasn't even driving.

    Getting rid of Albright was one of the first things Shanahan did. In my opinion it was grounds for immediate termination.

  12. They could go 5 WRs at this point. And there is a chance that they would keep only 4 RBs and use morris as a utility FB/H-back/TE.

    Jarmon has played STs and that is a bonus, hard to give up on a 3rd rounder so quickly....I still think the Skins will somehow make some room.

  13. people will crush me for this, but i think there's a chance jarmon makes it over chris wilson.

    tough competition at OLB. i like everyone there. and CWil is decent on twitter, so i would miss that.

  14. Wilson is possibly the second best OLB after Rak as he transitioned to the position last season .

    I do see us keeping more LBs and less WR/TE/RBs on the active roster and stashing some of those positions on the PS .

  15. This is on the late side, but Trey Jacobs has already been cut. After earlier trying to get Jeremy Jarmon to lose weight, the Team reversed course and his weight is just below 300 lbs. or at least adequate for a 3-4 DE. Vonnie Holliday has recent experience with the 3-4. The competition is between Darrion Scott (no recent NFL play, older, and lighter than JJ) and Jarmon (who plays ST). Jarmon is the keeper.

  16. We won't keep 5 rbs Keiland Williams will be cut. Also I Think Jarmon & Armstrong make the team.