Sunday, October 23, 2011

Redskins suffer a bad loss to Carolina

This is a bad one. Not just because it was to a (generally) weaker opponent, but because I would be really surprised to see the Redskins beat either Buffalo or San Francisco, so even though we're only at .500 this feels like being in a hole already.

In the second half Beck at least showed he can move the team down the field a bit. I think he gets a pass on the first half since, other than a drive or two last week, it was his first regular season football since 2007. If you recall what I wrote before the season, this sort of chain-moving but unexciting offense was what I expected from the Redskins this year. That's simply the roster's current state of development, and it's better than last year. But it doesn't let you mount fourth quarter comebacks. When the defense gets blown away, this offense can't be expected to keep up.

And man, did the defense ever  get blown away. I know you're probably expecting one of my anti-Jim Haslett rants here, but at least on the first viewing it just looked like simple failure of execution. None of the front seven could get off blocks, and I hope to have some idea of why once I start the review.

And don't blame the corners for getting lit up by Steve Smith. Smith and Cam Newton were executing some excellent plays, and the rules of the game are such that if the quarterback is not pressured no corner can cover a good receiver for very long. As for why there was such little pressure... I wish I knew. Hopefully the trusty Tivo will provide me with more insight on that.

I'll leave you with this outstanding video, because it always cheers me up in this sort of situation.


  1. I've never seen that video. When it cued up, I was thinking "REALLY?" But you know what, it did make me feel better.

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