Saturday, April 30, 2011

Redskins 2nd round pick Jarvis Jenkins

Click here for my initial reaction to 1st round pick Ryan Kerrigan. And now to look second round pick Jarvis Jenkins...

Some of the highlights from his NFL Draft Countdown profile:
• Very athletic with good speed, quickness, and agility
• Real stout at the point of attack and stuffs the run
• Strong, physical, powerful and a terrific bull rusher
• Is able to penetrate and make plays in the backfield
After a few hours of considerable internet confusion over whether he would play nose or end (he played 4-3 DT in college), Shanahan finally referred to him as an end in an interview so that's what I'm going to call him until we hear differently. The Redskins apparently told him he would play some tackle as well, and given the array of unconventional formations Haslett like to use guys tend to turn up in all sorts of places, and I suspect Jenkins will not be an exception. Nonetheless, lets file under "end" for now.

Some are considering Jenkins a reach, though in general the reaction has been positive. Remember that the defensive line situation is a little less urgent than it appeared for most of the 2010 season, since once Kedric Golston and Ma'ake Kemoeatu went out with injury we discovered that Vonnie Holliday and Anthony Bryant could actually do the job pretty well. Now Holliday is old (35) and we're jumping to conclusion on Bryant after only a couple of games, so defensive line remained very much a team need. But if Jenkins takes awhile to develop or is only suited to bit roles, I'm pretty content having Holliday hold down the RDE starting job for a year.

Either way, I'm feeling pretty good about the defensive end situation now. Adam Carriker and Vonnie Holliday represent quality starters. We know that the coaches really like Jeremy Jarmon, so now that he will be healthy hopefully we can count on him to provide quality depth. Add in a talented rookie and we have ourselves a four man DE rotation to feel good about (No offense to Philip Daniels - I think he would still have much to contribute in a 4-3, but he doesn't offer much in this system so I'm not sure he'll be back).

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