Saturday, February 5, 2011

Your Super Bowl reading list

The best stuff I've read in prepping for the Super Bowl...

Smart Football:

- You are simply not permitted to watch the Super Bowl without first reading Chris' excellent post on Dick LeBeau and Dom Capers, who working together did so much to define modern defenses and are now facing each other.

A few from Football Outsiders:

- First, they offer probably the most detailed game preview you're going to find.

- Ben Muth provides a special focus on line play.

- Mike Tanier diagrams two of Troy Polamalu's interceptions.

- Writing on the Post's Smarter Stats blog, Doug Farrar looks at a number of situational stats but leads off with, of all things, the refs that were choses for this game.

Pro Football Focus:

- Special teams, one of the few areas of weakness for both the Packers and Steelers.

- Can the Packers run it? OK, how about the Steelers?

- Roethlisberger vs. the Packers defense.

- Rodgers vs. the Pittsburgh pass rush.

And several offerings from the ever-prolific former Redskin Matt Bowen over at NFP:

- The Rodgers vs. Polamalu matchup.

- Diagramming the Packers' zone blitz.

- Five Super Bowl questions, touching on the lesser known members of the respective secondaries and the potential impact of the Steelers' loss of their starting center.

- Some suggestions for both teams from a gameplanning perspective.

From Advanced NFL Stats:

- The efficiency stats for each team compared up side by side.

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