Monday, May 31, 2010

Lorenzo Alexander finally gets his due

This is from one of my game breakdowns, written after Lorenzo Alexander tore down the field on punt coverage and made yet another outstanding special teams tackle:

"...Lorenzo Alexander is a good DE, a good DT, a good sixth OL in the jumbo package, and an outstanding special teamer. And yet how often do you think he gets asked for an autograph? Do you even know what he looks like?"
And from my post-season review of the defensive linemen:

"...Lorenzo Alexander had something of a breakout season. He has always been a useful role player, and performed at a higher level than you would usually expect for a guy coming off the bench. But in 2009 he developed a wicked spin move, and spent a striking amount of time in opponents’ backfields... Add in the fact that he’s an effective sixth linemen in offensive jumbo packages and one of our most impressive special teamers, and he becomes one of my favorite unheralded Redskins."
His move to outside linebacker struck me as mysterious - first because he seemed like he could play well as a 3-4 end, and second because OLB is not a position at which the Redskins seem to be lacking in depth.  And while he did show off some pass-rush ability last year, there's no indication that he would be able to play in coverage.

However, there are two reasons for optimism:  First, I am assuming the new coaching staff knows what they're doing and for now they get the benefit of the doubt.  Second, Alexander has yet to be given a job and not do well at it.

He obviously has earned the respect of three successive coaching staffs, but until now I don't recall him getting much credit in the media or from the fans.  But now Jim Haslett's gushing (seriously, gushing) praise for Alexander earned itself a Redskins Insider post, and gets quoted in even more depth by TORB.  Terl summarizes Haslett's comments thusly: "Awesome awesome, unbelievably unbelievable, outstanding, unbelievable ... "

So I guess I can't complain about the guy being underrated anymore.

My Rock Cartwright and James Thrash jerseys are now obsolete.  You can probably guess what the new one will be.  My only question is whether to order his new linebacker number of 97 or to get 79 to commemorate his origins as a guard.


  1. I'm looking at getting an Alexander jersey customized too, but I'd go with #79. In recent memory, 97 was Renaldo Wynn for long enough that people will remember him more than know the One-Man Army...
    Besides, if Greg Peterson doesn't make it through camp/preseason, I'd guess that Alexander goes back to his old number.

  2. Agreed. Also if we got a 97 it would imply that we only noticed him once he started getting hyped. 79 it is.