Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy crap McNabb is the Redskins quarterback

Well, this was unexpected.  It was one of the many rumors that had found its way into the press, but the fact is when you're 4-12, have a new coach, and an owner who is known for adding big-name players, you're going to be "linked" (whatever that means) with anyone who could possibly be on the market.

Some very preliminary and unformed thoughts below.  Come on, this happened fast and it's the best you're getting tonight:

- Donovan McNabb is most certainly a significant upgrade over Jason Campbell. And even moreso over Rex Grossman.

- McNabb is old, but he's not ancient.  He's only 33, meaning he has several years of good play left in him.  He only has one year on his current contract, but an extension is certainly not out of the question.

- So the second round pick is gone. The third round pick has been gone for a year (for Jeremy Jarmon). So after that 4th overall pick we've got nothing until the fourth round.

So with the above in mind...

- Left tackle and right tackle are still urgent needs. The good news is that they are now the only urgent needs, at least for 2010. One can only hope this signing means that the first rounder is now reserved for a tackle.

- The main thing to watch for now is whether McNabb is signed long term.  If he is, it could mean that Shanahan is convinced he can't get a quarterback he likes in the draft.  And that, hopefully, would mean Russ Okung has a big bullseye on him. 

- Campbell and Grossman are both also on one year deals.  We clearly don't need all three of them.  Based on football ability alone I think Campbell is pretty good for a backup, and I have much more condfidence in him than in Grossman.  But obviously for psychological reasons it could be hard to keep him around after everything that's gone down.  Also he probably has more trade value than Grossman (although it would still be very limited).  So it seems likely that Rex is the number two and Jason will soon be employed elsewhere.  But the way this offseason has gone, who the hell knows.


- I haven't yet decided how I feel about having to root for a guy who was an avowed enemy for so many years.  At this early stage, I'm thinking I won't have a problem rooting for him.  In fact, my main bitterness towards the Eagles is directed at their fans, not at the players who happen to under contract by the franchise.  And because Eagles fans are bad people who do not deserve happiness I can certainly hope that McNabb, who Eagles "fans" never appreciated despite the fact that he gave them so much great play for alot of years, goes back and wipes the floor with them.  Because it would make Eagles fans very sad and angry.  At least it's something to hope for, and should give us all reason to get behind the new guy.


  1. But what could we GET for JC in a trade? Is a 2nd round pick too much to hope for?

  2. Yes, I'm pretty certain it is. Especially now that everyone knows we'll be looking to move him.

  3. We would be lucky to get a 6th for JC. ALso, we gave up way too much to get DM. I see this as a Jason Taylor scenario where we give up 2 picks and he bolts after 1 season. If we don't sign DM for a 3-4 year extension, then this trade will set the Skins back years.

  4. I would be shocked if he doesn't sign an extension.

    a) it looks like McNabb was kept in the loop throughout the negotiations, and the Redskins would have wanted some assurance he would agree to sign before making such a deal

    b) it would be extremely risky for him to play on a one-year deal. If he suffers a mediocre season he would tank his value for the last contract of his career. So he has every incentive to sign up now.

    The chattering classes seem to think CAmpbell would net us a fifth or a fourth. If he lands a third it would be cause for a parade. I figure unless we can get at least a fourth lets keep him as a solid backup and thank Rex Grossman for all his work and show him the door.

  5. Not going to happen. The younger Shannahan has a relationship with Grossman, so he will make the team as the 3rd qb

  6. Personally, this move has resolved any need for me to ever root for Philly due to Donovan being their quarterback. So that's something, right?

  7. You felt a need to root for Philly?

  8. No, I felt a need to root for Donovan, and he just happened to play for Philly. I'm a Syracuse girl, remember? I watched him play for years.