Saturday, March 6, 2010

Redskins should take a run at Jared Gaither

Let's say that Shanahan decides he won't be able to get a quarterback he's in love with at the four pick.

The Ravens excellent (and still very young) left tackle has only been given a first round tender, not first and third.  If the Redskins draft Russel Okung they will be hoping that he develops to Gaither's level.  There is a much larger probability he will be adequate but not Gaitherish, and a smaller but not insignificant possibility he will just be lousy.

Why not overpay Gaither a little and hope the Ravens choose not to match?  Yes he has had some injuries and therefore poses a risk.  But isn't he still less of a risk than a rookie?

The Ravens already have Michael Oher on hand... so they just might be willing to let Gaither go.


  1. So they get Jim Zorn and his dodgeball drills, and we get a Maryland lineman who's actually *good* at the position he plays...sounds good to me!

  2. Oh admit it - you'll miss the pad-chucking drills. I know I will. They made for great entertainment at camp. Jason Campbell might disagree, of course.

  3. Only slight sarcasm intended--most of it directed at Stephon Heyer and not Zorn. In the good old days of September 2008 when Campball had decent pass pro, Zorn proved why he's still a highly respected QB coach. JC was lighting up the boards before the line collapse...

    I think the Ravens are lucky to have him mentoring Flacco, and whoever gets to blog about the pad drills should have fun with it too!

  4. I think that bringing in a recently injured, but proven LT at the cost of a 1st rounder, is more of a risk than drafting the best T in the draft. Besides, after you get Gaither, he will want 4th pick type money.

  5. Dave,
    Here's a scenario for you:
    The Skins take Clausen at #4 and trade the Ravens #37 for Gaither.
    Then Shanahan gets his QB of the future and the Skins get a proven LT, something not guaranteed in round two.

    Okung however is worth #4 based on what I've seen of him and he'll be ideal in Shanahan's zone blocking scheme.

  6. If the Ravens could be talked into it, that would be fantastic. But why would they give away a franchise left tackle for so little?

    If there's any way to get both a top OT and a franchise QB I hope they're working on it.